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Anyone passed HepC through sex?


there seems to be some debate about people passing HepC through sex. I've read some medical reports, and I know there's a theoretical risk, but can anyone tell their real-life experiences?

Has anyone passed HepC to a partner from sex, or are there any couples on the forum who have had sex for years without passing it on? Do couples on here use condoms?

Thanks in advance,

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You really need to give it a rest
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I usually tell people that they have about a 2% chance of passing it plus or minus 2%.

Not everybody has the same sexual experience after all.  Man to Man sex has a much higher risk that that however, especially when using meth.

Sorry, but it really isn't a very good question.  Just how would one know if they were infected;  go get a test after each intercourse session?  How would that rule out other possibilities?

You have a much greater chance of contacting almost anything other than HCV thru intercourse.

I've read that standard HIV transmission thru unprotected vaginal sex is 1 infection per 1-200 sexual events.  I believe that HPV is is almost 100% efficient transmission.  I know people who have been infected with HCV for 30 years who have not yet given it to their spouse.  

Why would you be at such high risk for being infected?

By the way......it is regarded as poor form to post duplicate threads.

best wishes,
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One of the hepatologists said that in 20 years of unprotected sex a monogamous couple has only a 5% chance of spreading it from one partner to the other. It is a BLOOD borne illness. One person's blood has to come in contact with the other person's blood.  
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My doctor thinks i got in in the 70's from when i did drugs, but i somehow think i got it from sex, just a feeling....however i was married 22 years and my ex does NOT have it.
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12 years - negative transmissioin to spouse --- with multiple types of sexual activities... *G*

I honestly don't think that sexual transmission is a consideration for transmission (however ---- I must add the caveat that this is a BLOOD TO BLOOD disease.... so if there is blood transmission during your sexual activity - then of course the chance is there...)

So stay away from vampire sex... and don't get too rough.


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I suspect I got hep c thru a little rough  sex  though my dental work is a remote possibility
Based on my experience.....yes,...there is a possibility of getting hep c trhu sex

So the moral of the story is...be gentle
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Hi Willy,

sorry, I probably didn't phrase the question properly. I know that many people on the forum won't know how they got infected.

What I was more interested in really was how people who have HepC and are in relationships behave, to try and see what the risks are. I know there are theoretical risks, but I read the European study of 800 couples who didn't pass the virus between each other despite no condom use but was wondering what the real life experiences are of those on the forum.

Sorry if my question seems repetitive. I've kinda asked this question before, and I'm sure many others have. But there's so much info out there, it's hard to work out what's real and what's hype. I, myself, am a victim of this hype, but things don't seem so cut and dried once you look into it. This forum is a great chance to remove a lot of the myths (and fear) about HepC if appropriate and educate people.


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You are correct, in a sense that there is a gap between what is known and accepted as fact and theory.  

There is a saying........that a butterfly can flap it's wings in China and cause tidal waves half a world away. .........It's possible........but it just isn't very likely.

And so it goes with transmission of HCV.......
.....Thru sexual intercourse
     Thru breastfeeding ones child
     Thru cooking for ones family
     or passing it thru a kiss
     or sheading a tear that may contain miniscule amounts of HCV RNA
     or thru the many ways that we love ....on thru to the very basics in how we live our daily life..  

Those of us that post on boards know the risk is very low.  We tend to know how to further reduce risk so that it becomes even less.  

Part of our recovery is to CEASE repeating the mantra; "I'm infected. I'm contagious.  I'm infected, I'm contagious".

In addition to our own struggle to convince ourselves that we can lead normal lives with little or no threat to others we also have to struggle with convincing others that we are safe, that we aren't leppers, or that many of us came to be infected thru no fault of our own.  

I know people who have lost their jobs over revealing they had HCV.  I know people who lost a relationship for disclosing.  I know people who were no longer accepted as welcome.

We struggle to overcome these perceptions; in society...... amoungst friends and lovers......and sometimes our very doctors.

Perhaps the most important person who we must satisfy is OURSELVES.

It's no fault of yours..... you are just trying to ask a question and get an answer.  There is a decided edge in our responses I suppose because we cherish that margin of safety that allows us to live as humans and live as normal lives as we can.  Most of us were unable to transmit the virus to our loved ones even when we didn't know we had the virus.  To some extent we all need to chill out and forget our fears.  We may also need to share the basics with others...... but I hope you can understand that for many of us we simply choose to not live our lives denying that we are a threat.  We just want to live our lives.  : )  

Yes, such threads are helpful.  It's equally true that such threads are plentiful.  We have all responded to them many times and no doubt will again many, many, times.

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Hi Willy50,

those are damn fine words, my friend. And noted. As a guy who's concerned about a possible HepC infection, I'm moved by the support that is shown through this forum.

I'm trying to educate myself. With the answers I'm looking for, I hope to be able to not have to ask such questions in the future. Who knows, maybe others (who don't have HepC, or haven't yet been diagnosed) can learn from the answers as well.

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Willyquote: " I know people who lost a relationship for disclosing.  I know people who were no longer accepted as welcome."

I hope you're not suggesting that the odds of communicating HCV via "normal" hetero sex are so remote as so put it into the category of "why bother to disclose it to your girl/boyfriend?" It isn't winning the powerball lottery rare, it does happen. I personally know a person who was almost certainly infected during normal hetero sex that did not involve in any obvious blood transference. It can happen, it does happen.

Pete you don't mention if it's you that has HCV or if there's someone else you're interested in (or are having sex with already) that has HCV. Whatever the case, if you don't mind me saying, it sounds like you're fishing for permission or to put some firmament under a rationalization to NOT tell someone that should be told of your HCV+ status. Or perhaps you're trying to convince yourself that the risk is so miniscule you shouldn't worry about getting it from someone else. If it's the former, TELL HER. If it's the latter, wear a condom until you have more time to think about it. If you choose to go condom-less later because YOU are willing to take the risk of being infected by an infected partner, that's certainly your prerogative. But it is not your prerogative to make that same decision for someone else without them knowing it.
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Hi Mremeet,

my situation is this. I think I may have been exposed to HepC through sex, and am trying to work out if I have been at risk or not. With Willy50's comments in mind, I can see that my comments may have been taken as thoughtless. For this, I apologise.

Unfortunately, my ignorance is a result of the information on many websites. Having spent some weeks trying to make sense of it all, and not knowing who or what to believe, I decided to try and get some information from those that know best, and have experience to back it up - the folks here on this forum. My potential exposure was protected sex, with unprotected oral. I've been tested, and the results have been negative so far, but I'm still within the window period.


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Sometimes you're reduced to looking at statistical data, because who can follow around any human being throughout their lives and say with complete accuracy how a person contracted an infections disease?

Fortunately, there are honest, forthcoming people that we can rely on with some degree of accuracy...with HIV, there were many couples, singles, hetero and otherwise, who reported getting HIV though sex though in anonymous questionnaires. (Of course with this type of info gathering, the results can always be skewed - and a percentage of error is always factored in...)

You just don't see this with the statistical data for HCV....no where I've looked anyway...
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