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Anyone try the 12 week Sovaldi treatment?

Has anyone had experience with the new 12 week drugs? Specifically  Sovaldi and Olysio? I saw my Hepatologist at the UCSD Liver Center today and he stated since my liver is now under control and compensating he wants to address my Hep C 1a.  Somehow when I went through 7 months in hospital and Skilled nursing facility from major Cirrhosis problems cause by Portal Hypertension, my Hep C never attacked.  My viral load is extremely low at 15,283. I have never had treatment for it and my liver seems to be fighting it, the Dr. says.  Of course it could pop it's nasty face at me at any given moment, so I am definitely interested in treatment.  Apparently UCSD School of Microbiological Medicine  had some tie to the testing of the new drugs and my Doctor wants to start me on a treatment plan starting in Dec. or Jan.  I know the Zovaldi costs $1,000. per pill ($84,000 for the 12 weeks), but it's a lot cheaper than a transplant.  He said if my insurance companies gripe too much the UCSD Medical School may be able to kick in some funds.  I just wondered if anyone out there has done it, and What I could expect...Cure, Side-Affects, Insurance issues etc.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  As always I wish everyone the Best.
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Hi Andy

Many of us here were treated with Sovaldi and Olysio which is off label usage not per the prescribing instructions for either medicine and can make it a little harder to be approved. Many here also treated with Sovaldi Ribavirin and interferon which is per the prescribing information for Sovaldi. Many were cured of hep c. Some relapsed. Some had side effects many did not.

I treated with Sovaldi Olysio. Unfortunately I was one who relapsed post treatment probably due to my somewhat advanced liver disease as I was diagnosed with cirrhosis in 2008 after having hep c for most likely 30 years. The more damage you have the harder to treat.

Has your doctor mentioned Harvoni? It was just approved on 10/10 for treatment of genotype 1 cirrhosis. It is one pill a day and for treatment naive patients your treatment could be as short as 8 weeks.

Look around the site and read some posts I am sure you will learn a lot that way.

A link was started about what treatment people did and their results an unscientific survey but still interesting here is the link to that post


Good luck

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I just reread your post I didn't realize you have cirrhosis. Your liver is under attack from hep c that is why you have cirrhosis it was caused by hep c which has been attacking your liver every day and will continue to do so until you get rid of the virus.

It is very important you treat and get rid of hep c if you can as soon as you can. Cirrhosis is a serious medical condition which causes an increased risk of liver cancer, or liver decompensation also called end stage liver disease (ESLD) requiring a life saving liver transplant.

I would defiantly look at Harvoni. Since you have cirrhosis you would be prescribed 24 weeks because as I mentioned people with cirrhosis are more difficult to treat.

Best of luck
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Harvoni, is among several drugs they are considering for my treatment of Hep C.

  I suffer from Multifactorial Cirrhosis of the Liver primarily caused by Acute Alcohol Abuse combined with chronic Anemia due to malnutrition. Basically I was drinking like a fish and never Eating.  That's why so many secondary conditions hit me so fast (2 massive esophageal bleeds, 1 Lower GI Bleed, uncontrolled Portal Hypertension requiring a TIPS procedure, Acites, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Alcoholic Disorder with Pancytopenia and Bone Marrow Suppression, 2 Acute Respiratory Failures, Pneumonia, Alcoholic Pancreatitis... the list goes on.)

While all this was going on my liver somehow was able to keep the Hepatitis C virus at bay with extremely low Viral counts(15,283). I do understand that the stand alone term "Hepatitis" applies to anything that causes inflammation of the liver.  Now that I'm out of the woods of suddenly dyeing  at any moment, they are going to treat my Hep. C (This all happened since Jan of this year.)  My concern all along has been that I would improve my Alcoholic Cirrhosis only to be hit hard by the Hep.C virus.  That fact was never overlooked.  They just had to prioritize my treatment, many decisions being life or death.
These new drugs are quite exciting, and god sent.  They are currently working on oxidation antagonists that they hope one day will reverse the scar tissue fibrosis of many forms of cirrhosis.  Things look very promising.  I just wonder what my insurance company thinks? Hopefully they take into account a transplant runs about $600,000. I'm so glad to hear from you and you have positive results! Thank you, and I wish you and yours the Best.

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I would do it Andy! Im avyoung mother who has young dauhters and may be pregnant again. I just started in a hospital and wasnt warned about a hep c patient properly and timely enough. I found a sharp mark on me after my shift and am scared. People likexme would be grateful. p.s. it was my first day on the jib! :( God Bless Andy
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I am presently treating with Sovaldi and Olysio and was the virus was undetected at 4 weeks. I am now in my 7th week and unlike many people on these drugs have had serious fatigue but I am also 67 years old and have cirrhosis. The advantage for me in the S/O is that I don't have to take Ribavirin or Interferon. I refuse to treat with either of those drugs.

You are very fortunate to have such good support from your doctor.
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I'm with you on that one,any side effects for 3-6month s beats the old 18 months of  interferon injections in the gut. 2 of my friends did that. It cured them bbut knocked them out. They both compared it to Kemo. Thanks for your input, i wish you the best. Andy
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