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Anyone who has finished their treatment?

My dad has hep b and hep c. He's half way through the treatment.
I want to talk to some people who have had these two diseases and have finished their treatment.
I just wanna know about the side effects, have they been fully cured, was the treatment a success, did they have to have further treatment, etc.
My dad just needs consolation that all the pain and difficulties will pay off.

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I had HCV for 24 years, and treated just last year. It was tough, I was very tired all the time, had a bad rash, was in a constantly bad mood, my hair fell out and I looked like refried poop. But in the end it was definitely worth it. The treatment worked and I was cured. After recovering from the drugs, the birds are chirping and sun is shining - I feel great! I feel physically great and emotionally great knowing that I beat HCV and it will not kill me or drain any more life from me. No guarantees, but the same can happen with your dad.
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How long is your dad scheduled to treat?

And do you know his genotype?

FWIW, most people have a chance of clearing the virus if they reach UND by a certain time frame.  

And, at the very least, your dad will probably have improved his liver and as long as he lives a sensible life style, he has a good chance of benefiting from the treatment.

Good luck,

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The best thing your Dad has going for him is you.  Keep up the good work,it might just surprise you how much the subjective things mean.

MrMeet so you've been clear 8-10 wow you really do have a reason to be so smart.

good luck with your help he can make therapy and be happy at the same time.

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sending my best for your dads success with hcv treatment.

unfortunately, the response to treatment is not always successful and depends on alot of factors such as genotype, genetics, and other predictive factors.
great strides are being made in treatment for hepatitis. there are alot of very good educational forum's on the web such as 'hcv advocate' and 'janis and friends' that can answer alot of your questions and perhaps understand the challenges that you dad is facing.
people with hepatitis have alot of hope now! as well as particular disease challenges physcially as well as emotionally. he will need all your support now more than ever and i have found knowledge is power to make the best choices and affect positive outcomes as well as help family understand the patient with hepatitis better as they are usually stressed in understanding the many challenges.

how great that you take the time to seek more understanding. i wish your dad the very best outcome and perhaps he can find support here or other wonderful hepatitis forums on the web.
best wishes to you and your family.

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I had both B and C. The B I cleared on my own, the C I treated and cleared. I'm guessing your father is treating the HCV if he's "half way through". Chronic HBV is fairly rare, since most people clear it without treatment. Is his hep B chronic or does he just show the antibodies?
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Thanks to everyone who replied. Your good wishes are much appreciated.

mremeet - Your response was very optimistic and my dad feels much more positive now. My dad also had hep for about 20 years. Can you tell me a little bit about your treatment? How long was it for? Did it get cleared the first time? How bad were the side effects?

wyntre9 - My dad's 60 years old and his treatment is for 48 weeks. He's done 24 weeks already. I can't remember his genotype. My dad has liver scarring and has had other problems with his liver previously, which is perhaps why his condition is really bad. What does UND mean?

lanier - Thank you for your comment. At the moment my dad's physical side effects have improved and he now has more mental side effects, such as deppression and anxiety and mood swings. So you're right about the subjective things mattering as he is more emotional now and needs support and love from family.

Whrose - Thank you for your advice.

desrt - The hep B is chronic. He's getting treatment for both hep b and hep c. Can you tell me a little bit about your treatment? How long was it for? Did it get cleared the first time? How bad were the side effects?

Thank You
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I had it for about 25 years and never know it.  I treated for 72 weeks and it wasn't always fun at all but I managed to work and take care of my kids and now I am hep free for almost a year!

It's possible to beat this thing it sure is! Make sure your dad knows that you love him and are there for him and try to point him to this website.  It's a valuable resource for people to use who have it.
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UND means undetectble virons,  This is what we want.

Is he UND by week 24?  And is he a 1A?

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See today's Clinical Care Options website (clinicaloptions .com) for info on treating HBV/HCV co-infection.
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