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Approved Sovaldi/Ribavirin treatment

Was diagnosed 2005 with stage 1, grade 2 with baseline of 8,500,000 and am gen 2. Stopped drinking alcohol, developed a natural diet of no meat with lots of vegys, fruits, natural sources of protein, started yoga, meditation and waited for a less aggressive hep c treatment to come along. Fast forward to 2014 and finding success stories with Sovaldi with few side effects. Due to this forum, (have only read not participated in conversations) have received courage to move forward with treatment. Had my Dr. appt. to get the ball rolling 7 days ago. Blood work is done. AST 51 ALT 26 and baseline 11,349,834. Prescription has been approved and starting treatment Monday. Sovaldi/Ribavirin 12 weeks. Being 61, a woman in menopause, and having a high baseline apparently lower my success rate, from what I have been reading, yet my weight is 133 lb. at 5'9" and have lived a very healthy lifestyle since being diagnosed. Any feed back is appreciated. I have anxiously awaited this day, yet now I am really quite nervous.
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Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on getting the ball rolling.

According to the AASLD's HCV guidelines  (see page 21 of the report found at this website http://www.hcvguidelines.com)  the treatment you will be starting is the recommended treatment for Geno 2.  Across  3 trials, 201 of 214 (94%) patients with HCV genotype 2 achieved SVR with sofosbuvir plus RBV.

I can imagine how you feel finally starting a treatment to rid yourself of this virus after so many years. In about four weeks or so, you will get the news that your virus is undetected. I can tell you that when my husband and I saw that word on paper for the first time it felt great.  Think positive and continue what your doing to protect your liver.

I will look forward to the day when you post you have reached SVR!

Best wishes
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Don't be nervous. You sound like a very strong woman and if you have some bad days, just take it one day at a time and before you know it, you'll be on your way to SVR!

This is a great place to come to get answers to your questions and concerns. I learned far more here and through research than I ever have from a doctor.

Sad, I know, but true

Be well and good luck with your treatment!

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Hi and welcome
I did the same protocol as you, and am geno 2.  It seems that our genotype has a pretty good cure rate so far.  Don't know if you saw the post regarding
"Host Factors", but it can give you a good idea as to your # of clearing.  Reading what you have shared, it seems you've got a good shot regarding outcome.
My treatment started in Jan, 12 weeks, and have found that I'm EOT12 UND.
So far, keeping my fingers crossed for the 6 month post verdict.  They say cured at this point, but the meds are so new and hoping for a positive outcome.
The side effects are manageable, and tend to be accumulative in nature. Would say the last 2 weeks were a bit of a struggle with fatigue, but not everyone reacts the same.  Some had zero effects during treatment. The Riba can cause chaos with Hemoglobin levels, so be on alert.  That could cause a reduction in dosage of Riba, which you would hope to avoid.  Typically it could happen near the end of treatment.  Would suggest eating frequent meals, and of course gallons of water.  Take your pills with a healthy fat, and keep on standby ginger ale should you feel nausea.  You mentioned menopause concern, and can only say that the meds almost mimic the symptoms of menopause, hot flashes, emotional upheaval, ect. Some have anxiety issues so if your prone, an anti anxiety pill is advised.  Be sure to have them available if you feel overwhelmed.  Personally I didn't need them.
This new journey will be filled with ups and downs, and a few bumps in the road.  Will say, nothing nearly as bad as prior meds with interferon.  This was the 1st time going thru meds, and was way easier then I thought it would be.
Try to stay active such as walking or swimming, and you will have a much easier experience.
This site is a wonderful place with knowledgable people, whom possess compassion and caring.  As this was new to all of us, we were kinda the 1st to take Sovoldi, other then the people in the clinical trial.  With that in mind, we were kinda the blind leading the blind, but as a group we banded together and learned from one another.  It was so supportive as we were in the dark as to how it would all play out.   Please find comfort in knowing that should you have physical or emotional uncertainties, all you have to do is ask.
Good luck getting started as you are doing the right thing for your health.  As a genotype 2, I believe the regimen is the same for us whether we treat now or in the fall.  Your life will change in my opinion dramatically for the better once you have achieved SVR
Best wishes to you
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I can totally relate to your anxiety of starting treatment.  I was in a similar situation as you and have considered treating on and off for the past 20 years.  When I finally decided to treat in April, my doctor told me it was unlikely that I'd be approved based on my lack of liver damage and patted me on the back as I left the office saying, 'Don't worry, you will be able to treat next year' and made an appointment for 6 weeks later on the off chance I did get approved.  Three days after that, the pharmacy called asking when they could deliver the meds!  I sat there, frozen for hours until my husband forced me to call them back!  Dkus, I really, REALLY did not want to take the ribavirin but I'm 2 and a half days from finishing and it's been so much easier than I ever imagined.  You can do this.  It really is like jumping into a pool.  Get it done!
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Good  luck stay strong and know the people here are very kind an willing to help and share their knowledge. I myself am awaiting approval for tx and got the courage to ( jump in the pool) from this site . May we all be cured!
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Thank you for the positive support. Much needed!
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