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Are there many geno 2?

Seems like there are alot of 1 & 3 genotypes and very few 2's.  Anyone know of the reason(s) why?  What is the significance of this??  What is the difference between 2's & 3's genotype?  Both treat 24 weeks, right?  Just curious because I don't remember seeing any geno 2 & wondering what if anything it means.

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Since 2 is the easiest to treat and with the greatest success rates, G2 folks seem to be more transient than others who might have longer hauls or require do-overs.  
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also seeems like there are absolutely NO 'untypeables' ...

like me

10 genotype tests and no genotype ... im wondering if this means anything also... like i am a new genotype or something... which means i will prob never ever get rid of this ...

ahh oh well at least it is moving slow i figure i have another 10 years at least before stage 4
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I'm a type 2b and it's not turning out to be too easy for me!
However, I do believe if I had found out a decade or two ago that might be true for me too. I hope yours is easy to treat and you can forget about this site and the disease in short order.  Good Luck to you!
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Yes you are right that there are less 2's because it is less prevelent in the US and FLGuy is right that we may not be as needy because our cure rate is higher.  They use to clump 2's and 3's together but I think it has been realized that they are different.    3's seem to become fibrotic easier.  Also perhaps more 2's may clear spontaneously since it seems to be easier to rid of.

I find out Thursday if I am done with the Hep C.  I was UND a little after 12 weeks post tx so I feel confident the little buggers are gone.

This is a great site before during and after tx and of course for those who don't treat or don't respond.   Lots to be learned here!

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I am geno 2B.  cleared by week 12, still clear at end of TX and also 6 months after TX.  Hopefully it stays that way.

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Geno 2 cleared at wk.4 stayed und. very few sx. , have been SVR now for 15mo.
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Lucky 2's....who say's they're terrible??
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