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Are we really cured?

I'm coming up to my 2 year SVR in September, but am I really cured and is the virus really gone? Reason I'm wondering, I had a small accident at work today, cut myself, and the woman whose house I'm working in came over in a rush to help out. I grabbed my hand away from her, put pressure on it myself but she tried to insist on helping, but hell, could I have let her? She must think I'm a total nut job, wouldn't let her touch me, didn't want to get into the explanation thing. But would it have been alright??

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If you are two years SVR that means you have no virus in your serum so you don't have it in your blood. You can't infect anyone. Yes, she could have helped you with no risk.
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My guess is that if there is still any persistent veremia present in your blood, it would be at  (with emphasis) extremely low levels; also keep in mind that she would need an open wound herself to successfully vector this [email protected] over to her. My hunch is that it
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the fear will always be there until I can have a biopsy of my liver with a PCR, when that shows negative, I will declare myself cured. no hidden virus or compartmentalization beliefs after that. If the virus is hiding only in the liver, you can't infect anyone.  After two yrs SVR, chances are 100% your virus won;'t show in the blood again.
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I would agree with Bill about her needing and open wound of some sort to receive the infection.

I have not seen any evidence that would claim 100% cured, but after 2 years with no detectable evidence, virus or anti-bodies, the likelyhood of any viurs still hiding out seems very remote.  I say detectable, because unless I'm mistaken, the best test available only has a threshold of 10 which I take to mean that 9 or less of the virus could still be present and the test would still show UND.

I for one will always remain onguard and testing for the rest of my life on this earth for my own peace of mind that I am not infecting someone else. I've also heard that insurance companies, particularily for life policies, will not consider one cured once diagnosed, making our insurability much more difficult.  I could be wrong in the insurance, but it's what I've heard.
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I have all the same concerns as you and as you know I cleared after only 21 weeks of tx
I don't think I will ever lose the concern about this virus and I would not wish it upon my worst enemy
Go with God  precious one andhope things are still good the the North Bay escapee
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some go to less than 2iu/ml

if a qualitative PCR using TMA technology is done on our liver and it is negative, I am considering that to mean hcv is gone, all gone! can't get closer to zero than that!
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Thanks everyone, for all the responses. In my day to day life, I don't give my Hep status a second thought. Been there, done that and no looking back. I live my life being a lucky person, cured. But....being that this was the first time I have been hurt around an "innocent bystander", it gave me pause to think. I realize it is a blood to blood transference but being that it would be the helpers "hands", I had to stop her. Looking down at mine right now, I have scratches from gardening and a couple of hangnails. She probably does too. (Doesn't everyone?) Open sores, right? Possible transference.

Hey Daryl, you still lurking around, huh? Hope you're having a good summer and enjoying the grandkids. Hubby made it to North Bay last year but I haven't been in years. Hear the fishin's good though. Gotta love that pickerel! Take care bud, regards to Karen.

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Well, this thread just happened to come up right as I myself, got an explanation as to this question from one of the most respectable Dr's in the field.. I just saw Schiff yesterday, and asked him this exact question..
He states CURED!!! He never wants to see me again, and told me to live a healthy life to ensure that. Avoid heavy alcohol consumption, not more than two drinks a day..
I brought up the recent studies on HCV persistance, and asked why then are researchers making such claims.. He was very impressed that I was up to date, then chukled and told me not to believe everything I read on the net..
Told my wife that I was cured!!!! I will not be getting another biopsy, told me there is no need. Fibroscan results where exceptional, and he can no longer feel my spleen, and stated that my liver felt soft to touch. Believe me, I danced the whole way out of the office. Relieved does not truely express how I feel.

If he states CURED, I do not feel there is a more credible source out there. He is considered the top dawg in hepatology.
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CONGRATS!!!!  That's really great news for you and your family.  Go celebrate.
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I had a recent discussion with another hep in Dr. Schiff's very rarefied league with almost the identical conversation regarding being "cured", "occult" virus, as well as getting the green light for drinking as long as I didn't exceed 1-2 a day. I'd love to bump up or at least refer to your post when pertinent for those times when you're not here and out enjoying your SVR. In fact, your short post -- at least to me -- touches on so many points we've discussed here -- that you might want to open a new thread yourself. The only thing that bothers me a little about both what your doctor said and what one of mine said is the part about "never wanting to see you again". I understand what they're saying but then who is arround to collect/study that post-tx side effect data? Well, that's another subject and another can of worms for your next fishing trip :)

All the best.

-- Jim
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That's fantastic news to get from any doctor, let alone The Schiffster. You must be flying high Snook. Take care and stay well and don't forget to drop in on us just because you're CURED. Mike
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Congrats!  I'm curious how far you are past tx -- just want to know when Dr. Schiff considers the SVR to be SVR:)

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I'm trying to celebrate, but pulled my back out with all the dancing!!! Naw, I'm on vacation right now, and actually pulled my back out on the boat last week, so I'm just sitting around the house lounging!
My wife and I have been awaiting this appointment for months. Schiff told me last year that if I was clear at 6 months post, to consider myself cured. Now with this vist, and my 6 month post tx labs, he is convinced that I am doing incredibly well. He also apologized for assuming based on time of infection, his ability to feel my spleen, and low platlets, that I might be chirrotic. All my CBC's have bounced back, and spleen could not be felt. And then the readings on the Fibroscan where all he needed to confirm that my liver was in great shape.
He emphasized the importance on only drinking in moderation, no more than two drinks at a sitiing. Supposedly going over that will put unneeded strain on the liver. But in moderation, I can safely consume alcohol.
In regards to "occult" infection, he just told me that there was not enough "substantial" evidence to come to a conclusion. He knew exactly which two recent studies I was refering to, and stated that he felt they where irrelevant.. All this was in regards to MY personal situation of course, and as we know everyone is different.
When asked about the likelyhood of relapse, he stated not even 2% as some suggest. That my age, played a MAJOR role. And that because of my age, I could should expect MAJOR histological improvement in liver architecture. Possibly even complete fibrosis reversal. He stated scar tissue is not like a scar on our skin, which always leaves a mark.. Scar tissue in the liver IS reversible..
To say the least, I felt like a new man yesterday. I was floating!! Wife was sooo happy, she cried in the car on the way home. I feel relief, but till I personally get that one year post tx undetecable PCR, I will still have my doubts. I guess once you go through tx, diagnosis, and all that HCV brings, it is hard to let go.. There are so many what if's, so many uncontrollable outcomes. And in my opinion, so much <strong> uncertainty</strong>, that it is hard to feel absolute resolve.

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I finished tx in Sept..So presently I am about 11 months post tx. I have yet to have my one year PCR, but according to Schiff, the 6 month just about seals the deal. Even the Dr doing residency under him, told me that 3 month is still questionable, but 6 months post is just about a sure thing.
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Just curious, do you refer to him as Schiffmiester? I know I'd be tempted big time...but I'd probably restrain myself. Snook, I'm a bit older that you but, in my opinion, there is nothing about which there can be absolute certainty. Could it be that my perspective is somewhat "jaundiced"? Yea, I guess it could. Hey Snook, the news you got is about as good as it gets so my best advice to you is to believe the doctor and enjoy your life and stop worrying. There's nothing more you can do, aside from helping us guys out with information, support and humor when time allows and the spirit moves you. Best of luck, Mike
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LOL!!!! Naw, I seem to hesitate and some what freeze up around him, but he is a very, very funny guy. Didn't slip in the Schiffmiester.  
I believe him, as he was the one I confided in at week 42 on whether or not to extend tx. When other Dr's wanted me to go longer, he advised not too.. He was on the money it seems.
It is intimidating to say the least to try to argue with him... How can I debate "occult" infection with my opinions gathered from a few studies on the net, when he is the one addressing the conferences on the disease itself.. But my wife just loves him, and tells me the same thing you do.....<strong>believe him</strong>..
I know that nothing in life can be certain, but it's human nature to worry. Thanks for the encouragment, and I hope all is well with you...Now if I could only conquer this severe back pain....oooouuuuch!!  
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is there a baby in the making yet? do you have the green light to start that family that was put on hold?  I am so very happy that you are finally enjoying the cure fully.
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Not yet, but definately in the works. Wife has been eagerly awaiting the greek light, and now we are in fact, in full baby making mode!! Maybe thats how I threw the back out? LOL
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She's awaiting the Greek Light eh? LOL

Sorry, couldn't resist. You have NO IDEA what else I am not typing LOL
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Boy, I asked for that didn't I?
Damn typo's!!
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