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Article about Hep C breakout in 1975

I am just wondering if anyone that was in the military back in the mid 1970's around 1975 aware of an article stating that there was a Hepatitis C outbreak due to air gun inoculations?  My fiancée and I have been battling with the VA now for sometime about this.  They have tried pinpointing him for cocaine use, a tattoo and alcohol abuse contributing this to his Hep C.  He and his brother were in the Army National Guard together under the buddy system.  They both contracted Hep C, and his brother is now deceased from it.  His brother had the article, which is now in his son's possession and we are not able to get hold of it.  My fiancée and I went to the Veterans Affairs last year where he explained his situation and what he was looking for.  A lady produced the article, but when my fiancée went to see his representative, the article was no longer in our possession.  He stole it out of my fiancée's folder.  We have recently gone back to the VA to try to retrieve it and now conveniently not a soul knows anything about this article which does exist!!  I'm hoping that someone on here can help me to retrieve this paper stating that there was an outbreak or if anybody out there knows about this article.  The government has denied him access to his Navy records as well.  In his Navy record it also states in there about the Hepatitis C.  Can anyone help us??  Thank you if you can!!  Please respond to my post if you know anything or whereabouts about this article!!
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This sounds like a case for a lawyer to get your records.

Try this:


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While I agree he could have very well got Hep C this way. What can't be possible is an article dating to 1975 as it was not known at that time. It was not known until 1989. Good luck to the both of you.

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Hi there, Koko and Can-do have given you great information.
It has been known for a while that many veterans are infected.
Co-writer a member her has a lot of good information,I have a link someplace where a lawsuit was filed and the person won. I will try to find it
The govt has known for a long time that this happened.  They just deny it.
Hang in there
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Hi this is a link to a lawsuit that was won in May 2014 for time period 1974 - 75

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sorry this is a good site to get more information, on this site I see that many people are getting disability
I said lawsuit, meant disability

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I received air-jet innocuoations in grade school during the early 60s, a we all did. The military got them in the 60s and 70s.
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I was enlisted from 72 to 75. Vietnam vet. I've heard similar reports of hcv infection. I've assumed mine might be related to tatoos
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There are photos that prove this out. I knew and am still connected with a school nurse, but she remembers it and said they were used from the 1950s until 1970s. I got mine in the early to mid1960s. I got the virus from a blood transfusion in 1990 I think, but who knows.
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thanks for the info and best of luck to you
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Hi I was just given an article, might help regarding jet guns

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Yes, we all got these injections in school in the 60s. Definitely not just a military issue. I still have the scar.
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This is about hep B, but would certainly apply to hep C, as well.

The Unintended Consequences of Vaccine Delivery Devices Used to Eradicate Smallpox: Lessons for Evaluating Future Vaccination Methods

B. G. Weniger1, T. S. Jones2, R. T. Chen3

1Associate Editor, Vaccine, CAPT, USPHS (ret.), Atlanta, GA, 2CAPT, USPHS (ret.), Florence, MA, 3National Center HIV/AIDS,

Viral Hepatitis, STD, & TB, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA

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That is very true. I read about the smallpox just the other day on another post on here from a few years ago.
It is really scary to think how many people were given injections this way.  I think they did it until the mid 90's.
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Jetguns were used to vaccinate in grade school but think about it.  In grade school, children don't usually have hepatitis C (unless they were born with it or got it from a transfusion).  So the risk would be very low.  But when jetguns were used to immunize young people in the military by then some of them had been exposed to IV drugs, tattooes, so some of them had hepatitis C.  The risk them becomes higher.  

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My dear, one little article is going to do nothing for you.  At HCVets we have been collecting everything we can find on jetguns.  We have many studies showing the jetguns got contaminated.  We have papers showing vets got multiple vaccines that were not FDA approved for jetgun use. The jetguns caused fluid to splash back on the skin contaminating the gun, made the site bleed more, missed the intended space, dosing was unreliable, only the head of the gun was sterilized in machines that were later recalled , the guns were not wiped between recruits, were used by untrained individuals, they malfunctioned, lacked upkeep, leaked metal and were stored in the same container as the FOOT PEDAL so they were certainly not sterile.  The jetgun manufacturers have admitted they did no safety testing, the CDC, the WHO, the FDA and the top vaccine experts in the world have said that the jetguns got contaminated and transmission of disease was possible and there are hundreds of studies and documents proving it all plus a large collection of different units getting jetgun vaccines..and we still can't get the VA to admit responsibility.

So no, one little article isn't going to do it.  You will also need a nexus letter.  A letter written by a doctor that says that it is more likely than not that your fiancee got hep c from jetguns and not from something else.

The link that Dee gave you contains the military nursing guidelines from 1970. That can do more than any article because it proves that the way they used the jetguns violated the nursing guidelines.  For example, the guidelines say that you were supposed to hold the arm with one hand and give the vaccine with the other hand.  The gun was supposed to be held at a 90 degree angle and the site was supposed to be wiped with a dry cotton or gauze.  If you look at some of the pictures on my profile page you can see that sometimes they used two jetguns at the same time and they usually didn't hold the arm.


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Thank you so much for all of your continued great work on this subject.
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We're not giving up, that's for sure.

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What a fascinating find to realize how manipulative our government is as they bear no responsibilities for infecting so many of us.  We obviously were sitting ducks waiting for the slaughter.  Has there been a class action suit?  Clearly it appears that this violation did cause an epidemic, which in turn has killed and ruined countless lives.
If legal action has not been taken thus far, the people responsible need to become accountable for their actions.  Reminds me somewhat of the big tobacco industry with their lies and deceit.  Someone needs to go down on both of these horrors and claim responsibility.
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Can-do is right, the outbreak you refer to happened in 1985 and it was an outbreak of Hepatitis B (not C).

"An outbreak of hepatitis B associated with jet injections in a weight reduction clinic."


This quote comes from the 2005 FDA Safety of Jetguns Advisory Meeting

  "DR. FRIEDE:  The devices that we have seen without a protection cap, we have data from the calves and the data from the Hoffman study in Brazil to show that frequent contamination of the ejected did take place. And that contamination was clearly of a level of blood that we are convinced can carry disease. So the devices which do not have a protection cap which are to be used for giving intramuscular injection we are convinced that these carry a significant risk."


"And you can see after injection into the test fixture, there is contamination at the injection site.  There's a combination of splash back as well as contact contamination during the injection process.  You see that it's contaminated with the fluorescein dye".

Here's some of my favorite studies that showed jet injectors got contaminated with enough blood to transmit hepatitis....

"A model to assess the infection potential of jet injectors used in mass immunisation"


"Potential for cross-contamination from use of a needleless injector."


"Preventing contamination between injections with multiple-use nozzle needle-free injectors: a safety trial."


This last quote  comes from a book called "Vaccines" written by the top world experts on vaccines...

"However, after injections with saline of volunteers in China who carried hepatitis B virus, 8% of subsequent ejectates into vials—representing the next vaccinees in a clinic or mass campaign—were found by polymerase chain reaction assay to contain hepatitis B antigen. High-speed microcinematography also revealed extensive splashback from the skin during injection with MUNJIs.

This body of evidence supports the conclusion that the design of MUNJIs is inherently UNSAFE, and any reuse of fluid pathways or unsterile components that are in direct or indirect contact with consecutive patients should be abandoned. Even if contamination could be shown to be extremely rare, it is unlikely that policymakers could be convinced to set any level of acceptable risk".


As you can see, there is lots of info on this topic.

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It nay be the only way to get veterans treatment because so far only 39,000 of over 200,000 veterans with Hep C the VA cares for have been treated.

Thank you for your service.

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HCVets now has a jetgun from the 70''s and the manual that proves the gun was never sterile.

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Hey there!  This is great news to share, thanks! Dee
I had Hep B in the 70s. I was in the hospital for a month with Hep B. Now I found out I have no antibodies or anything to say I had Hep B. I’m wondering if I had Hep C before they knew about it. Amazing!!
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Make that two jetguns. Ped-o-jets.


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