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Awesome 4 week VL Undetectable News GT2 SOL/RBV 12

May 9, 2014  Great News Results from week 4 VL test  undetected!!!

April 30, 2014 4 week blood test results
ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE 21 units/L 10-55  (down from 150 pre treatment)
ALBUMIN 4.0 g/dl 3.4-4.5
ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE 20 units/L 6-32 (down from 109 pre treatment)
BILIRUBIN 1.0 mg/dl 0.1-1.0
HEMOGLOBIN 14.3 g/dl 13.5-17  (down from 16.7 pre treatment)
ERYTHROCYTE DISTRIBUTION WIDTH 15.9 High % 11.7-14 (first time High)
PLATELETS 127 Low K/mm3 140-375   up from 88 pre treatment
April 25, 2014 Report received
DAY 14  VL Results results Great news, undetected expected at week 4
HCV RNA LOG10* (V2) 1.1 LOG 10
Target Detected
The quantitation range of HCV RNA RT-PCR is 12-100,000,000 IU/mL.

Here is a history of my ALT  AST  PLATELETS over the years. The last time my PLATELETS were higher than 127 was back in 2005

I became a member at Medhelp in October 2012 but only occasionally read some of the post and made my first one on April 2013. During the fall last year with the good news about the new treatments I became much more active here.  Was quite compulsive and spent hours here almost everyday making comments and adding my opinions.   Started SOV/RBV April 3, 2014 fort 12 weeks GT2 F3/F4 well compensated.  

My sleep pattern for years was late to bed 1 to 6 AM and up at 9 to noon and even during the first 4 weeks of treatment.  Have had almost no side effects other than the usual ones I've for many years.  Eating food with fat and staying well hydrated was a big factor when taking RBV.  Suddenly after 4 weeks I started getting a little more tired at about 10 to midnight and started to go to bed then and get up earlier like 6;30 to 8:30 AM. More natural and closer to the hours of light and dark somewhat.  

I live alone but with the nicer spring weather, I am outside a lot more, interacting with people, going for long bicycle rides and walking more.   I will still post occasionally, offer my opinions and give updates but will be more focused on living my life and not burying my head in the computer for hours every day.    

Again thank you for all your help and support through my HCV progress and treatment. I realize that it can be much harder for some of you than my so far "cake walk" treatment.
My best wishes for all the good people I have met here and I continue to hope and pray for the best for all of you.

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Congratulations Jimmy! Great news! Yes, life is now a gift for us all, please let us know your progress. Yes, put the computer down more and live life more. I will do the same thing. I am simply so happy that so many of us have been so blessed.
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Hi Jimmy,

Excellent news! I was undetected at 2 weeks, feels good doesn't it? One thing I would mention is that apparently platelets can rise during this new treatment. Mine went from 177 baseline to 235 at 4 weeks, then 200 at 12 weeks. I have been reading here from Hector and in other places on the net that after treatment they will most likely return to around baseline levels and then start to rise slowly over months and years as your liver health improves in the absence of the virus and the associated inflammation . I thought this was helpful to know so when they do go back down again I won't think something went wrong with the treatment. Given how new this treatment is there are still things we are learning as we move from trials to the "real world".

At any rate everything you mention is good news, no bad news here anywhere! The real indication that the virus has been squelched is your normalized AST/ALT. Also the fact that your hemoglobin did not drop any lower is very good. Mine went from 15.5 to as low as 13.8 but leveled off there. After 4 weeks your hemoglobin levels may well level off where they are...All good! Best, Dave
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Congratulations Jimmy, this is wonderful news.  I am so happy for others that this new tx is helping them get to SVR without all the awful sx from the older drugs.
This is fantastic!  Thanks so much for sharing
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that is absolutely great!!
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Congratulations so happy for you. Well done!! xx Jules
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Keep up the good work,
Fingers crossed for you and all of us
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Impressive. Very impressive. Live life JimmyMose...graduation day is approaching (grin). Hoping the best for you. I finally got approved for the same treatment (G2) and should be starting within the next couple of weeks and your news is encouraging. Jo
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Jimmy I finished 5 weeks ago the same protocol as a G2 also.    Early cirrhosis.    Still UND.    So glad Klonny pointed out about the platelets as when my 4 week post blood draw was read I about fell down when I saw that #.   Start day platelets 125, and during treatment,  up to 240 highest, and post 118.   Hector and Dee explained why it dropped so much, as it now makes sense.   Guess its the RIBA.    Want to also say congrats.       Kim
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Congratulations Jimmy, really happy for you. You're on the way to SVR. My platelets have been a bit weird as well went up on labs at 4 weeks, down a bit at 8 weeks???  Anyway, looks like you're doing much better.  Hoping we all kick this to the curb, and make SVR,   I'm in my last week of tx.  Still have the fatigue and brain fog.  Hoping it will improve after tx end.  Be well Jimmy.
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Congratulations!  Great news!
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Congratulations jimmymose!
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Thank you, everyone for your kind and supporting comments.

Those who mention that the platelets would likely go back down somewhat are right. and HGB

May 14 2014 wk 6 labs
platelets 123 Low  HGB 12.0 Low (drop of 2.3 from wk 4 to wk 6 as much as the first 4 wks and was hoping they wouldn't much lower and have to reduce RBV

May 28 2014 wk 8 labs lucky HGB stabilized and was 12.2 so no RBV dose reduction.  Platelets down to 111 Low.

I have been very busy and traveled 400 miles to camp out at a music festival for the Memorial Day weekend.  My only real side effect is a little more fatigue as expected. A short nap or two during the day helps a lot.

I have a couple of questions and will post a new question soon.

Wish, hope and pray for the best for all.
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Sounds like all is going great for you. I also dr. With the va.
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