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Baby with Hep

We just had our daughter tested for Hep C and B.  Results were positive for both.  "Baby" is 9 months old.  She has had all her Hep B shots since birth.  (she is adopted and her BM was positive for both also)  Our doctor is referring us to a specialist.  I have ask if the doctor feels these results are false positives--- he replied no.   What are we looking at really?   Every website or book says something else it seems.
1.  We all need the Hep B vaccinate right? or is it too late?
2.  Transmitted by saliva and urine too?  or just blood

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If she has had her hep b shots, she will of course test positive for hep b antibodies. that means that she has been vaccinated for it.

As to the hep C, testing positive for antibodies does not necessarily mean she has hep c either. Further tests must be done to determine if she has active virus. As she most probably contracted it from her mother, she might clear herself. Usually one tests at the age of 12 months, as one could get false positive, due to the child still having antibodies from the mother.

You should preferably test yourselves for hep a, b and c, just to be sure. And also get vaccinated for A and B. It would also be advisable to get your baby vaccinated against hep A, if she has hep C. I don't know if she is old enough for that, but a pediatrician should know.

Hep C is a blood borne disease, her blood would need to get into your blood stream, through a cut . So saliva, urine, feces are not contagious.

God bless, marcia

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hi, things like this do happen unfortunately.  i got it possibly thru infancy too and hcv like marcia said is transmitted by blood to blood contact.  the body may be able to fight hep off naturally however 50% of the exposed will develop what is called "chronic" hcv.  10-20 out of 100 exposed to hcv will develop possible illnesses.

if your baby still tests positive a year later, then possibly consider tx options when she reaches about my age.  i am currently treating at the age of 18 and still go to school.  my hepa told me to not treat until my body was fully developed and was ready for the intereferon.  most people get a liver biopsy to see how much damage there have been to determine if they want to start treating.  i bypassed the biopsy and went straight to treatment cause i don't want to take any risks with my future and from many sources i hear, the earlier you tx the better and less side effects you have.

you are really an angel for caring so much.  maybe technology will give you more options in the future if your baby can wait.  treatment can be expensive but from what i hear, medicare and medicaid may cover the cost of treatments too.. there are a lot of options and i wish you and your baby the best of luck!
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Thanks for the response.  I am hoping that her positives are false positives since the Hep C test was alittle premature. .....
Thanks again
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GREAT support for families of kids with HCV, HBV - many are adopted - You will get more support and info specific to your situation that anywhere else

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Good thing is that 20 years from now, by the time your baby will become adult and in a position to treat, we will probably have such amazing drugs available to cure Hep B and C. A simple shot in the arm (or a pill?) will be all it takes to become SRV a few weeks later... When the only question people will have to worry about then is be how big the needle is? then we'll be able to measure how much progress has been accomplished. Koala
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Hi Dixie, I am with you. My 15 year old son was just diagnosed Thursday. I feel your pain, I am walking around feeling like my heart is breaking. I pray that new treatments come soon.
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