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Based on this test result, do I have HepC?

Can you tell me what this test result means?  


Positive for HCV RNA by PCR. (*)
The Linear Range of this assay is 43 IU/mL to 69,000,000 IU/mL.
Reference Range: Negative for HCV RNA

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I'm sorry to say that you do have hepatitis C. The range for this test is positive if you have above 43 iu's of virus. Yours is 199,000 iu's..
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unfortunately yes but fortunately hcv does have a cure by the meds present today , you need to do some more tests as genotype, liver function tests and liver biopsy and also you need to consult with your doctor to figure out what is your next step?
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I had a liver biopsy done a year ago and was at stage 1 liver damage.  I chose to go to a homeopathic doctor vs take medications that will make me sick because I have three kids and a full time job and can't be in bed all day.  Also, I found a study on the internet, done in Europe called the Berkson Clinical study, where patients were cured from Hep C with milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid and one other easily found and over the counter drug.

The homeopathic doctor told me I had many species of mold and slime mold and my liver damage is from micro toxin damage.  She showed me a report where mold infested cells can mimic HepC and Cancer.  

The homeopathis doctor uses a very espensive computer software that she hooks you up to and it scans your body for bacteria, viruses, allergeons and defficiencies in the body.  She put me on a regimen of homeopathic drugs the computer says my body needs such as liver detox.  I have been treating with her for a year and she said in my last treatment that no virus showed up in my blood.  

I know from my last blood test that my IU's were 300,000 and they are now 199,000 so they are coming down.  I thought maybe the virus was gone.  Since, they are going in the right direction.  Isn't 199,000 a very low range of IU's?  Should I be concerned or just continue with the homeopathic doctor?  She feels she can rid my body of the virus.
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You have chronic hepatitis.  Low viral load does not mean the virus is not ravaging your liver.  The only cure for hepatitis C is interferon and ribavirin.  You can waste your money attempting to cure yourself with all this other stuff but in the long run you're still going to have hepc.  Should you be concerned about your homeopathic doctor?  I would run as fast as I could from your homeopathic doctor because she lied when she told you no virus showed up in your blood.  It's impossible to have an undetectible viral load with active chronic hep, however, I think it was a great marketing ploy because that concept alone kept you coming back for treatments.

Forget about Berkson, he'll take your money and you'll still have hepc.

I feel sorry for all the naive people in world who have hepc and keep getting
s-u-c-k-e-r-e-d in by these quacks.


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Viral loads fluctuate and the change you report from 300,000 to 199,000 is not considered a change at all. Nothing under a 2 log drop is considered significant. Your viral load would have to 3000 to have a medical professional consider it a change. And change means nothing anyway. It's like being a little pregnant. You are or you are not.

Also why do you think you would have to stay in bed while on treatment? I taught first grade throughout my treatments. It was hard but doable.
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Also, nothing mimics the Hepc virus.  It is a unique entity, a virus in a class of its own and no amount of mold and mildew can imitate it.  Geez, that homeopath is very scary and Ka-Ching $$ Ka-Ching, she's taking your money and smiling all the way to the bank.

Please educate yourself about the hepc virus and what constitutes a cure before you go broke.

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What genotype do you have ? And what does you liver biopsy say about the condition of your liver ?

These are important to take into consideration.  You've got 3 kids you have to go see a hepatologist and get rid of the virus.  Your first attempt didn't work. It makes me angry that some idiot told you that your virus free and your PCR is 200,000. That is not even close to UND.  Milk Thistle is no better than chicken feet, for curing Hep C. If there was a computer that could accurately analyze blood every medical facility in the world would use it.

Please see a real Doctor !
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"Based on this test result, do I have HepC?
by Wiebkegerman, Dec 11, 2010 04:12AM
Can you tell me what this test result means?"

Seems like a trick question to me... why would there be liver biopsy results, homeopathic follow up of response... if there was a question of infection?  Is this a pop quiz?
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Hi, I'm just finishing week 1 of tx  My sides are minimal, I've been Christmas shopping, walking the dog, etc.  My biggest complaint was probably sensitive skin and that was manageable.
I had tremendous fear going in and it's OK now!  
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