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Beginning of Therapie

Hi everyone - I am a total newcomer in this forum and my mothertongue is not English. I hope to find some support here.
Have Hep C GenT 4 for 25 years and want to start a therapie. Virus about 12.000.... etc.
I have a very good doctor, who wants to do some spcial thing where you have to drink some liquid (side-effects) and then scanning my liver. What is this???
The infection came from drug-abuse in youth. I live quite healthy, not drinking etc.... but do feel pain in my liver.
When I read most of these posts I dont understand yet about all the numbers etc... so please if anyone has time to give me a short guideline about what is important toknow and find out about Virustyp 4. Is the therapie usefull with Gentyp 4
and who has experience? I am terrified about the side-effects, hairloss etc.... - I allreade have very thinn fine hair etc.
All together I dont take any medicines for anything as I always have reactions especially skin, eyes, etc....

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Hi and welcome to the forum.  I have just finished 48 weeks of treatment triple therapy with incivek, ribaviran, and interferon.  The doc sounds like he wants  u to have a scan of your liver to see the condition.  Have you had a biopsy?  I dont know much off hand about the treatments for type 4, someone will chime in. I am Genotype 1a.  I just wanted to say i wish you all the best in beating this dragon.  there are lots of knowlegeable people here that have stuck around long after they have treated to help the newly diagnosed understand what is going on.  Hopefully you will have a short treatment and clear the virus quickly.  Where are you from?  
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Thanks for your response. I am from Austria.
My doctor is treating liver and kidney-patients (dialyse). He is an absolut Profi and cool and told me there is nothing to worrie.
So with this forum I will have the help, support and infos I need.
Its time to start dealing with the whole thing as I was just ignoring it until now. So - thanks again, and I hope someone will write to me about the GenT 4.
There are a lot of interesting posts in this forum and I can feel the psychological help allready.
Thanks A
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'I have a very good doctor, who wants to do some spcial thing where you have to drink some liquid (side-effects) and then scanning my liver. What is this??? '
Your doctor is performing a CT scan of your digestive system (esophagus, stomach, or intestines) not your liver. IV contrast is used to view the liver. It requires drinking barium sulfate suspension. The barium sulfate is used as a contrasting agent coats the GI track so ant diseased or damaged areas can be clearly seen by the CT x-rays.
Here is a recent article about the hepatitis C genotype 4. this should answer some of your questions.
And below you will find out how to contact the Medical University Innsbruck which has the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors in Austria.
'Hepatitis C virus genotype 4 therapy: progress and challenges'
Friday, January 14, 2011


'The hepatitis C virus genotype 4 (HCV-4) is prevalent in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. Recently, the epidemiology of HCV-4 has changed and this genotype has begun to cross borders and spread to several regions in Europe through immigration and injection drug use.

HCV-4 has been considered a difficult-to-treat genotype based on the low sustained virological response (SVR) rates obtained with conventional interferon (IFN)-based regimens. Pegylated interferons (PEG-IFN) plus ribavirin therapy for chronic HCV-4 has been associated with increased SVR rates of more than 60%. Shorter treatment of chronic HCV-4 patients with rapid and early virological responses has been associated with high SVR rates, better compliance, fewer adverse events and lower costs.

Despite this progress, the treatment of HCV-4 non-responders, injection drug users, patients coinfected with human immunodeficiency virus, thalassaemic patients, patients on haemodialysis and patients with HCV-4 recurrence after liver transplantation still represents a significant therapeutic challenge.

Treatment of HCV-4 has markedly improved, with higher sustained response rates and the possibility of shorter regimens. Despite the recent progress in the treatment of HCV-4, more research is required to optimize current therapy and include genotype 4 patients in clinical trials on emerging therapies such as specifically targeted antiviral therapy for HCV with protease and/or polymerase inhibitors....'
You should seek the most experienced gastroenterolgist (digestive track diseases) or hepatologist (liver specialist) you can find to treat you.

The liver clinic at the Medical University Innsbruck has the most experienced doctors in Austria in their Gastroenterology and Hepatology departments. You can learn more at their web page...

Or contact Pr Peter Ferenci
(00 43) 1 404004741
He is an internationally known expert in liver disease and his office may be able to refer you to a hepatitis C treatment center near where you live that is knowledgeable about genotype 4.

Best of luck to you!

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The barium sulfate is used as a contrasting agent which coats the GI (digestive) track so that diseased or damaged areas can be clearly seen by the CT x-rays.

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Good luck with treatment
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Hi angel149. I am in America. I have a couple other members here, also from Europe. I noticed they also didn't have a biopsy, whichis what we usually use, to look at the liver, here in the U.S. (the doctor pulls a little piece of tissue from our liver)
   I think you will be given a blood tests,and scans, etc. I dont know much about genotype 4,  but I attend a weekly lecture on Hep C, given to me by my Doctor, who is an Internal Medicine Doctor,and an Addiction Psychiatrist, and I will ask her about genotype 4, and get back to you.
   It is a good thing that you are  living a healthy life style now, and not taking any other medicines, I dont do this either.
   I know the Treatment is Peg/Interferon and Ribavirin...and I did have a skin reaction, but so far it is mild, if I stay out of the sun.
   About the hair loss:  it is very rare to lose all your hair, but some thinning and breakage is common. I havent had any yet, but I am only on the 14th week. Some tips for the hair:  Dont pull it back tight (in braids, or pony-tail), dont wash it frequently, or pull it out with combing. Dont blow dry it, just air dry. And dont dye it. Oh, if worse comes to worse we can just wear a scarf I suppose : )
  I see we are also the same age, I am turning 50 yrs this summer also~
Good luck with your Hep C Treatment, and welcome
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I'm with hector on the Barium scan.I had that done a few times over the years in different ways. (Drinking to check the G.I. and I.V. to check blood flow to a damaged joint) It's pretty easy but I do remember a run to the bathroom after having imbibed the delicious brew. Best of luck on your treatment and welcome!
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