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Best method for injections

Hello everyone,

I will be starting treatment for hep C with incivek as well as pegasus/ribivarin.i was treated in 2009 and didnt respond so with this new PI i pray that it would help clear the virus.I should start new treatment tuesday or the next day.

Question is what would be the best method for the injections.i used to alternate stomoch and legs but was sure which was better being that in stomoch i have some fat and muscular legs
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Leg or stomach is acceptable, it's really whatever your comfortable with.  Most people prefer the stomach because the area tends to be more pliable due to fat and less muscle.
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The pharmacist told me to rotate around the belly button, within 2 inches.  She said I did not need to pull the needle back there and check for blood, so long as I stayed within 2 inches, nothing to hit.  Seemed easiest to me and is working fine.
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I'm injecting my stomach area and stopped using my thighs because I was bruising them and the injection site would be sore days later.
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I can't pull back to check for blood. Glad to hear about the belly tip. I do have to keep the fat pinched up during the whole injection cause if I let go, needle is exposed.I count to 15. Never had a problem. Karen
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I prefer the waist and try to avoid the beltline in case there's some tenderness afterward.  Sometimes there's a little rash at the injection site, other times nothing.  I never pull back to check for blood either.  I just rotate from one side to the other each week.  After the first few times, you'll have it down.  
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This is my second round of tx.  My first was nearly 8 years ago on combo.  I am on week 6 of triple tx with Incivek now.  The first time I used my thighs mostly and at the end of 48 weeks I had tough skin, bruising and extreme pain, I did my last 4 shots in my bum.  Now this time around I am using my belly.  So far so good the skin is getting rough but nothing like my thighs did.  I feel more comfortable grabbing the flab on my belly vs my thigh.  I would always check for blood, you just never know.  
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I was told with my diabetes shot to not go within 2 inches.  
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thanks all,

I will take all into consideration tomarrow when i start tx.
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I just took my fist injection of peg tonight.    The nurse told me to measure three fingers away from your belly button.   And then find a place and squeeze up the fat and then inject and count to 10 and then remove the syringe.   Worked great for me , no bleeding or leakage of meds.    No bruising at this time either.    
I used to give my husband shots also and rotated from side to side on his tummy and then to his thighs.   No problems.  So basically it is your choice as long as your not bruising and getting sore.    
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No one told me to count to 10. I just squeeze fat and when I inject I usually let go of the fat. Everything had been OK so far. I immediately put one of the ice packs on the site and no bruising. I hate the procrit. It bubbles and looks so scary and sometimes hurt, not to mention takes me forever to fill the syringe, but I do the same thing apply an ice pack and it goes down immediately without any bruising. .
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