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Bilirubin=2.6mg/dL, Please help

Today, I got the results from my Medical Examination.
Their is a high concentration of Bilirubin in my blood.
But all of them are normal except of this.
What should I do? Should I worry? What does it means?
I have no jaundice, yellow coloration of eyes etc...

Please help
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I would advise you to see a doctor about this.
While bilirubin can and often does increase during pregnancy by week 25 it should be decreasing.
There is a disorder named Cholestasis of Pregnancy which should be addressed by a physician. I don't know much about it but I do believe that you really should be seen by your doctor.

Here is a portion of an article:

Cholestasis of Pregnancy
What is cholestasis of pregnancy?

Cholestasis of pregnancy is a condition in which the normal flow of bile in the gallbladder is slowed or stopped resulting in itching and jaundice (yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes). Although it may begin in early pregnancy, cholestasis is more common in the last trimester of pregnancy and usually goes away within a few days after delivery. Cholestasis of pregnancy occurs in about one to two women out of 1,000 overall, but it is more likely in Swedish and Chilean populations, and possibly in multiple pregnancies. It has a high risk of reoccurrence in future pregnancies. It is also known as intrahepatic (in the liver) cholestasis of pregnancy and pruritus gravidarum (severe itching).

You can read the entire article at:  


Good luck,
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I'm in 33 week of pregnancy. I feel very intense itching, particulaly worse at night. I got the results from my Medical Examination (Lever Function Test). Their is a high total Bilirubin (2.0) mg/dl and direct Bilirubin (1.4)  in my blood. Will it harm my baby? what should I do. Please advice
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I doubt it but, as I said, you should consult your physician about your elevated bilirubin. Mike
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Thank you very much for the reply...
Yearly, we have a medical examination.
I remember before taking the examination (a week before the exam),
I'm so tired because of work and I hungry before I didn't eat well.
Is this related?

Again, thank you very much
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I assume that the Bilirubin result was actually your "Total Bilirubin".

Total Bilirubin is the sum of your
1) conjugated or direct bilirubin &
2) unconjugated or indirect bilirubin

The conjugated bilirubin is liver related while the unconjugated bilirubin is not liver related. Your doctor can order a "fractionalized bilirubin test" which gives values for each component rather than merely the sum of the two.

If your total bilirubin elevation is found to be due to an elevation of your unconjugated bilirubin it could be "Gilbert's Disease" which is a benign condition which affects somewhere between 5 and 10% of the population. It could also be form a drug or a condition which prematurely destroys your red blood cells. Often a reticulocte count will cast some light on this possibility.

If your total bilirubin elevation is due to an elevation of your conjugated bilirubin you could have a liver related issue. Generally, if this were the case you'd see an elevation in your ALT and/or your AST but your values are normal. An elevation in conjugated bilirubin can also be the result of a blockage in your bile duct(s). Gallstones can cause this and often you would see an elevation in your GGT in that case but I don't know what your GGT is.
I have had a lot of labs drawn and I cannot recall ever seeing yGTP on any lab of mine. I have no idea what the purpose of that test is or what that value suggests in your case - if anything.

I think the fact that your AST and ALT are normal is a very positive sign. I would not be too worried about this but I would pursue it further with your doctor.

My advice is that you should speak to your doctor and inquire about a fractionalized bilirubin blood test unless he can satisfactorily explain why your bilirubin is elevated.

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