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Biopsy: Who should perform it?

Hi All,

I finally got the prescription/order for a biopsy that my hepatologist was resistant on giving me.  I'm a Geno 2, and my doctor believes I should just treat, treat, treat and ask no questions.  Anyway, he focused on the risks of the procedure in an effort to discourage me, but as I want to wait to treat (if I can), then I felt I needed to get a bx.  Anyway, my quesiton is this:  my hepatologist will not be performing the biopsy.  Is this common?  Should I find a doctor who will do the procedure himself?

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My GI doc scheduled me at a hospital and told me to call them. I did, they set up an appointment time.  I believe a radiologist does the biopsy then, at least for me, two pathologists look at the sample.

Sounds like he wants you to just take the Rx to the hospital but I'd call first to schedule, unless it's really close. If I recall they didn't let me drive afterward either.
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You can't just walk in and give them an rx like you were getting a prescription filled.  It needs to be scheduled and you'll probably be required to get a couple of blood tests done in advance.  The doc doing the procedure needs to make sure that you are healthy enough for the procedure and take pre-surgical precautions.
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I'm genotype 2, go to Kaiser Sunset, and my hepatologist insisted that I have a biopsy.  She believes, as do most of us in this group, that you need this inforrmation for reference.  What if treatment doesn't work?  If you're only a stage 1 or 2, you can wait for new drugs, but if you're in worse shape, then you need to act more aggressively.  I don't think you have to have your treating doc perforrm the biopsy, however, just as long as you have one done.
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Mine was done by a steady-handed Radiologist who who did 'an ultrassound guided' biopsy.  That is, he located the target area where he plunged the harpoon.  It was done in the same day sugery section of local hospital.  Wasn't so bad.  The worst part was the anxiety before th procedure and the laying around for a few hours after.  I'd suggest getting the first, or earliest, appointment available to avoid the inevitable delays that go on in such places.
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My GI asked who I wanted to do the  biopsy - a Tech or a Surgeon.   It sounded like a no-brainer to me -- I said a surgeon.  However, being active on this board I found out that hardly anyone uses a surgeon.  Mine was a laproscopic biopsy.  Most have a needle ultrasound guided biopsy done by a technician.  YOu should ask your hepatologist for some references.

The Janis site ha a lot of good information on understanding biopsies.

When I get another biopsy next May I am going to have the same surgeon do it.

Janis site:              http://janis7hepc.com/biopsy.htm

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It's weird that my doctor wouldn't insist that I get a Bx, right?  Especially knowing I want to wait on Tx.  He's pretty green.  I like him personally, but if I do Tx, I would need to find a doctor with more experience.

Just called to schedule, and I was told a radiologist will do it.  Now I'm thinking it dosen't matter who does it, as long as they have MUCHO experience!

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