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Biopsy Results Stage 4, Grade 4 what does it mean?

My doctor called me last week and told me my biopsy results were Grade 4, stage 4 and scared me to death.  My last biopsy was Grade 2-3, stage 2 in 2002.  I have done 3 different treatments, the last being 2002, the combination therapy.  I'm genotype 1 and was diagnosed in 1983.  Dr. is checking on trials and said he wants to try me at a low dose of interferon daily.  My appt. is not for two weeks so I have been left hanging.  I have never responsed to treatment before by the way in the past.  Any suggestions or insights????  
Thanks, I am a nervous wreck
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When you say you have never responded to treatment before,do you mean you did not have a bio-chemical response i.e normalisation of transaminises (AST and ALT) while on treatment?
If you did there would have been a reduction in inflamation during treatment.
Secondly viral load-did this reduce? Do you have your results from previous treatment.
If there was an effect on either of the above it likely that you could arrest further damage with low dose maintenance therapy as suggested.
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Did your earlier treatment(s) involve peg interferon and riba, or was it monotherapy, regular interferon, etc.??
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As HCA and Rifleman suggest, we need more information on your prior treatments.

What drugs, dosages did you use before? Did you not respond or did you relapse after treatment?

Also, can you find out from your doctor exactly what he's proposing. At first, it sounded like maintenance therapy, but that's usually a once-a-week low-dose shot with a pegalayted inteferon.

When you say "daily" I'm thinking of Infergen. If it's infergen ask what dosage and if you'll be taking it with ribavirin and what dosage.

Lastly, I'd have another pathologist (at another hospital) re-evaluate your biopsy slides. I just got the result of my re-evaluation today and my grade 4/4, stage 3/4, turns out to be
a grade 2/4, stage 2/4. Of course, I have no idea now which is correct :) and will therefore get a third take, but the point is not all pathologists have the same experience plus they're human and make mistakes. You also want to make sure you have your own copy of the biopsy report. Never take anything that important over the phone from a nurse. Lastly, in this regard, if you do have your slides reviewed, make sure you request ALL the slides. Often, they just hand you one. In my case I had five slides including the special stained slides. These are really important for dx bridging fibrosis, especiall the tri-chrome slide.

It's normal that you'd be a "nervous wreck" but stage 4's are succesfully treated all the time. And better drugs are hopefully only a few years away.

-- Jim
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Sorry for butting in on your question but it was full for today.  I got my 48 weeks results today. undetectable, he said all my liver functions were normal & all my blood work was good. he seem to think I have a good chance of being "cured" his word.  Thanks everyone its been a long year. over with in a flash.

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Congratulations Monte on your wonderful news.  I'm really happy for you!

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