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Bladder infections.

My name is Linda, and I have autoimmune hepetitas, my problem is i get alot of water infections, and now I am so fed up with them it is making my life misabley, please can you suggest a herbal drug which would help,I have heard that Waterfall D-Mannose is suspose to be good, please could you help. Thankyou. Linda.
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I am sorry I really don't have any idea but I didn't want you to think your question was being avoided. The truth is almost everyone in here has HepC so that is what we know about.

With that I haven't had any bladder infections at all (thank God cause I've had everything else LOL).  God knows there is nothing as annoying and painful as a bladder infection.

None of us are doctors in here just so you know.  Did you try and google it? I'd put in something like hepatitis bladder infections and start there. I'm sure some stuff will come up!

Best of luck
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Many people drink all natural cranberry juice (no sugar added) for bladder infections.  I hope you find out some better info.
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Sorry to change the subject but I didn't want to start a new thread for this bc we only get a few a day.

Tomorrow is the support group meeting.  St. Francis, 6PM at the place I told you.  I hope to see you there.
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I have been getting alot of bladder infections, when they discovered my hep c, but they also discovered kidney stones,
I get to go to my kidney specialist on Monday, doctors and more
doctors, but water is the best recipe for infections.
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Where is this support group.
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There are support groups EVERYWHERE I think maybe if you check Be in Charge you can find one that way.  I know there was some sort of information in my pamphlet from the doctors office way back when that he gave me.

Instead this lazy girl looked on line and found the perfect support group - one that let's her lay on her bed in  her sweats with no makeup on and have my meetings there ;-)

This is the lazy bones disease I swear!
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as mentioned, no drs here, only patients and we can't really advise on medical treatments, but my urogynecologist suggested to me; 1000mg vit c a day, plus bladder calm(found online), a cup of probiotic yogurt a day, nothing about cranberry, but I guesss it can't hurt to try it. May I suggest you try searching for a urogynecologist, a new specialty that deals with this aspect of "female troubles".
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Bladder infections are often bacterial in origin and tend not to go away on their own. See a good urologist and you should be rid of it soon. Meanwhile, shouldn't hurt to increase your water intake.
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My sister-in-law had auto immune hepatitis.  I am so sorry you have it too.  The treatment for autoimmune hep is a 2 year round of steroids,  I believe.  I don't remember her saying that she had bladder infections, but I agree with Jim that you need to get an antibiotic.  The cranberry juice is also said to help a lot.  Best of luck to you
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The coldness feels good in my throat where things I used to LOVE make me GAG." Uh can do, I'm sure you have a comment there??

Just one, Linda is this you?
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Not me, couldn't hep myself..... I asked Just one, Linda is this you?
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C there fishy, 1 can always depend on ole reliable canman.

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