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Blood Count Help please

Hi, my hubby is in his 5th month of tx, 1b, he is und. now and he was put on Procrit 2 months ago, as his hgb was about 8.2. well now it's up to 10.8 but now his whites are starting to come down. What is a dangerous level for whites to be at before rescues become an option, what are the rescue drugs and can you be on for both red and white at the same time? I'm not sure what the actual stats are but it's something like 10, and the range starts at 13, I think. Please and thank you.
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Some protocols suggest treating with a rescue drug called Neupogen if Absolute Neutrophils fall below 750 although some doctors get concerned at 1000. The newer trend however seems to be to leave well enough alone unless abs neuts fall to 500 or even lower. My doctor uses 200-300 as a cut-off point. Abs neuts can rise and fall quite dramatically with or without Neupogen.
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Had three skin biopsies a few days ago to help diagnose several post treatment skin problems.  One on my chest, and two on the neck below the ear.

I've had a few skin biopsies in the past, and they always stitch them up, I assume so they heal without scars. Well, didn't ask this time, assuming the derm knows his stuff; and it turned out no stitches, just a badndaid, instructions to keep the area dry  and some antibiotic gel I'm to use for five days.

At home I noticed a very noticeable hole both in chest and behind one ear Wondering if those of you who hav had skin biopsies had stitches or not and how it ended up healing. Not so much a vanity thing -- although who need scars -- just would like a reality check if this particular derm knows what he's doing.

-- Jim
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hepkitten - can you get your husband's CBC and look for the absolute neutrophil count?  It is shown as NE# or ANC on some blood counts  (range on my CBC is 2.2 -4.8 - sometimes shown in 1000's - 2200 - 4800. So I don't know wht 10is.  If you havent been, it is wise to get copies of all bloodwork and keep it in a notebook.  Please try to post his ANC.  I am glad the PRocrit helped, but 10.8 is still low, and he may feel better if they increase his Procrit to 2x a week or every 5 days.

Jim - sounds like you are still doc-hopping.  What are the credential on this one?  I don't like the sounds of those open holes and I would call the doctor back.  If he says they don't need to be sewed, I would make some butterfly bandaids and try to close up the holes myself.  I am sorry you are still having these ongoing immune issues - I ws hoping they would get better after tx.
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So sorry you are dealing with these skin issues, they are so hard to deal with day to day, I hope you get some resolution soon. I have had several skin biopsies where I got the bandaid no stitches treatment one on my tummy and two on my back. They healed up fine but did leave a noticeable scar. I think they took longer to heal w/o stitches too. Sort of gross big holes!Also had a weird thing they took off my face with the nitrogen which left a scar. I have read that if done correctly you will not have a scar so that irks me. It is quite noticeable.
When the tests were back he said they were "nothing" so now I have these scars for "nothing" but I guess better safe than sorry. He had me pretty scared when he took them off saying they looked "bad" turns out they weren't.
My son has always had what they call "sensitive" skin and had problems with a number of skin conditions. One derm had me do a process of elimination with his foods. Have they had you try that? I remember the doctor saying that some common food/beverage ingredients can somtimes be contributors to the conditions and keep them aggravated. not an allergy per se but he said certain ingredients can be triggers. This was years ago, so not sure if they still say that.
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Thanks for the input and concern. This derm was recc by my hepatologist. Guess it's too late now but sounds like he should have taken the time to stich me up but thinking back I was his last patient, it was late in the day and I had already been there close to an hour, and he did mention he had to leave soon for an appointment.  I guess in the real world sometimes dinner dates come before stiches :) I guess I should have asked before but I wasn't expecting the biopsy at the time and hard to remember everything when under fire or in this case under knife :) I've got a call into him regarding some meds he prescribed so maybe I'll mention the hole and ask if he thinks I'll need to get it stitched or maybe that will just alinenate him. I've been through several derms lately and find as a specialty group, they don't take patient suggestions very well.


The more common rescue drugs here are called Procrit aka Epo or Epogen to raise hemoglobin and Neupogen to raise WBC and Absolute Neuts.

-- Jim
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Come on jmmmy , I have had bigger holes than that in my lip and could still whistle. Speaking of my lip , my wife bought some medicated blistex that I've been using for a few days and both of the splits on upper and lower lips have almost healed. Yeah.

What were the skin problems like that you had bx?
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"Filgrastim" or "G-CSF" may be the name for Neupogen in other countries.  Filgrastim = (G-CSF) Granulocyte colony stimulating factor.  COMMON TRADE NAME(S): Neupogen
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I have sebopsoriasis (psoriasis and seborreah dermatitis) plus rosacea. The biopsy was primarily to look for certain yeast growths that might be causing the seb derm, but may also provide addtional information as well, including how I function with a hole in my chest :)

Maybe you can use your lip hole to store the blistex :)

-- Jim

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