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Blood Count

If your blood count is in the high level and the next month the blood work shows that it is negative is it possible to rid your body of Hepititis C in one month?
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The only time one can “rid” oneself spontaneously from Hepatitis C (HCV) is during the acute phase, which lasts six months from initial exposure.  

It’s important to understand what you mean by “blood count”. Can you be more specific? There are many so called ‘counts’ that are used in the management of HCV.

If you have copies of the lab results, and can tell us more about your situation, perhaps someone in here can help you more wit your questions.

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I wouldn't imagine that any doctor would really test you twice in one month so I believe that I have misunderstood your question here.  Are you on treatment and you are asking if your viral load went down to zero in one month? OR are you asking if you were diagnoses and then a few weeks later it was gone? I would ask that because when I tested positive the next step was to do a PCR and find out the viral load and that wouldn't occur all that quickly to be RETESTED and come back a zero.

Like Bill said if you can be more exact maybe we can help answer your question.
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