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Blood Test results: Elevated Lymphocytes,ALT,AST,and LDH

I recently was rejected to be in a medical study after blood  test results came back out of the perameters of the test.I was informed I should see a doctor because my blood test results showed elevated levels of ALT(146),AST(56),LDH(199)and elevated lymphocytes(3.7).I tested negative for Hep B S Ag, Hep C Ab. I'm not a doctor and don't know what this means. I'll see a doctor soon to find out what this means, but if anyone could send me some information about this I would really appreciate it. I don't know if I should be extremely concerned about this or figure it to be a routine bump in the road. Thanks to anyone who can give me any information to work with.
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I'm sorry I don't know anything about this.  I do have hepC and before I started treatment my numbers were in the 200s and now they are in the 20s.

It seems that SOMETHING is doing it's best to kill your liver though.  I don't know if you drink or do drugs but at this time I'd totally advise not because you have something doing it's best to destroy your liver on it's own.

It seems like more testing and some serious doctor conversations are in order.

I wish you best of luck finding out what is going on.
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I really wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over those results until you see a doctor. You've already been screened for a number of diseases and have come out OK. Raised liver enzymes could be caused by a whole multitude of things and some of them don't have to be serious. You should, however, see a liver specialist for further testing and evaluation. They're called hepatologists and are usually found at your larger, teaching hospitals. Unfortunatly, you average doctor doesn't understand the liver and its diseases very much. Please report back when you find out what's going on. Your question has been asked before by others -- some go off to get a consult but they never come back to tell us what the conclusion is.

-- Jim
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but we can play one well, can't we?

study; until you see the dr and he rules things out with other tests, waiting is the hard choice of the day. GL
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Thanks for the responses. I'll let everyone know what the outcome is when I find out. If anyone has any further information- good or bad- about what these test results could mean I would greatly appreciate anything you have to share. Again, thanks.
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What about the doc who ordered the blood tests - why were they ordered to begin with, didn't they say anything when you got the results?

Doctors...got to love them right?  I love when I used to get the CBC results and had no idea what they meant.  That's why I came in here and realized that I had to start educating myself because the doctor really wasn't ever going to do it. ;-)
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The original blood tests were done as a screening process for a medical research study that I was participating in. The medical research test was to try out a new drug for weight loss in slightly overweight adults.Since my tests came back that would suggest I have a medical problem I was denied participation in the medical research test. Part of the agreement in this medical research test is that I can get copies of my medical records to forward on to my doctor, but they do not provide me with medical diagnosis. Its kind of a weird how it works. If accepted into the test they pay you very well for little effort, but other than financial compensation they really provide nothing. When the research facility contacted me they said come pick up your test results and go see a doctor. Unfortunately, they aren't allowed to give anymore information than that- presumably because it could compromise the results of the research and then God forbid the drug manufacturer could potentially lose some of their profit.
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To give some more background- You said in your first response that you didn't know if I was a drinker or used drugs. Some lifestyle info about me- When I was younger I would binge drink 2 or 3 times a month, now I enjoy an occassional drink(maybe 2 or 3 drinks a month),maybe 2 or 3 times a year I binge drink. I have experimented with hard drugs a few times, but never have used needles, I regularly smoked marijuana for about 10 years, now- maybe 4 or 5 times a year. I'm 31 years old and about 40 lbs. overweight. In general, I feel fairly healthy and feel that I take reasonable care of myself.I hope this gives you and anyone else that might have any information/questions something more to go on. Thanks for your responses. I really do appreciate anything anyone can tell me.
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Cuteus says...........but we can play one well, can't we?

Yes we can, but only if we have stayed at a holiday inn express lately... Be careful its a crazy world out there.
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Study,,,After reading your comments and the extra 40LBS could possibly be fatty liver and that will make your liver enzymes go up.  A biopsy would show if it is indeed fatty,,,Suggest this to your dr and see what his reply is.

Steve,,,a cure for hep,,,and free on top of it. haha Ok,,,I'm listening...
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If its just for a fatty liver, Wouldn't a ct scan be what you would want? Not sure but there would be less risk to it.
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Yes, I will see a doctor-good advice. I agree I should lay off the fried food,but I work as a Chef and I like fried food.What an internal struggle- to eat delicous fried food and get fat or stay away from delicous fried food and stay thin. I have been going to the gym lately- I've lost 20 lbs. in the last 2 months, maybe a good compromise- but will it make my hair grow back? Everyone told me just wait till you turn 30 you'll get fat and lose your hair.
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Thanks for the response. What is fatty liver? What is done for it. Thanks.
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You are right,,,,definitely less risk but do ultra sounds always pick up on fatty liver,,,,I don't know,,,,Does anyone out there?  I guess best course of action,,,get the ulta and go from there,,,
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I really think your stressing this to much. Like jim and cuteus said see a good doctor and not worry about it. Good luck to you and remember its a crazy world out there.
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Study,,,fatty liver is just that,,,build up of fat in liver and this will make enzymes go up. Do you know your cholesterol or what triglycerides are.  I'm not sure but if no hep,,,there has got to something that is elevating the enzymes,,,meds,,alcohol,,
or fats in the liver.  Good Luck to you!
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Im not sure, but it seems that my hepatologist told me that. But as im sure you know we hear so much that its hard to remember sometimes what test is for what...LOL
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With weight loss will this condition go away? My cholesterol is 182. My HDL cholesterol is 32. My LDL Cholesterol is 109. I believe this is cholesterol related,but don't exactly know-my LDH is 199, the test results list this in the high category.
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Thanks. I'm not stressing so much over this, I'm more curious and want to find out what I can, but everyone is right until I talk to a doctor and get the appropriate tests I won't know what to learn about. Atleast now everyone has helped me know what to expect when I go to my doctor. Thanks.
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Study,,,Looks like you are in good shape there,,,Your HDL is low ,,,should be 40 or higher.  Hey,,,I'm not sure and was just grasping at straws here for you.  I don't think I would worry over this because probably will be something very minor...
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spacedude.......canman got it, least i was half right. So for me thats not to bad.

Study......... Good luck to you.
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Thanks for the greeting Space and HOney.  By suggesting to post it here did you mean on this blood test board.  If so here it is. Dont know if this website will take a longer post like this but Ill try and see.

This is my personal story.  This free, simple technique to stimulate the immune system has never been tried on hep or liver regenertion but has been tried by 40 people (including me) on infections and a large variety of medical problems include brain damage and other damaged body parts and I firmly believe that it is the most effective way to stimulate the immune system that has ever been described

For example  it cured colds in 11 of us in an average time of 3 hours, with the sore throat and fever gone in one hour on average and the same for flu and that level of immune stimulation would I would think cure virtually any infectious disease in the world) and it is virtually free (well 5 cents) and can be started immediately by anyone in their own living room.

So I need to post the whole thing here that I wrote so you will know what I know about it and can make an informed choice.....

I am a retired lawyer. To make a long
story short I have a unique factor in my blood that has been partly
characterized at the VA Hospital and 2 New York Stock Exchange biotech firms in
the Bay Area, Genetech and Chiron. I am told that this factor has never been
reported in the literature before. I also had some of my blood tested at Harvard Medical School (CHildrens Hospital) by Dr. Judah Folkman but he told me this factor didnt work in his assays.

Chiron told me that my factor did strange things in their assays vis a vis the immune cells and they partially characterized it. I noticed that one thing this factor does is cause muscle contraction in me
to occur during the time anything is stimulating my immune system, and I have found through many observations over 20 years that that muscle contraction is to same degree as the level of immune stimulation. This has given me a unique advantage for the last 20 years in investigating what
stimulates the human immune system, by how much and at what point each
stimulant stops working.

After an incredible amount of time pursuing this I have concluded that all the
things that stimulate our immune system to a very high degree and never stop working
with repeated treatment with it are in one category: they all are either a
condition that we evolved under during much or all of our 4 million years on
earth or are a behavior we did over and over again in approximately the same way
during our evolution. Thus we must have in our genes a tendency to evolve a
stimulation response to conditions or behaviors, if experienced enough by us in
close to the same way for a long enough time during our evolution. This
stimulation response is triggered by us now doing these behaviours or when
experiencing these conditions again. If we have a more limited (or
no) experience with the condition or behavior they will tend to be poor
stimulators in degree and will stop working within a short time.

If this finding/theory were true , you may wonder, then why hasnt it been
described before. Well , the only reason I was able to test and prove
it to be true is due the unique factor in my blood which gave me such
a testing advantage. This is not the result of some great insight.

An example of this past behavior or condition now having evolved into an immune
stimulation trigger is the breathing of the so called negative ions emitted by plants, or in
caves, or at sea shores made by waves. Another
very highly perfected one is the act of leaving the eyes open in a pitch black
room, thus simulating the condition in caves, in the womb, and on dark nights.
Other examples include tightening or exerting the sphincture, smiling (laughing) walking, smelling the fragrance of some types of plants, being exposed to the radiation of certain wavelengths of very familiar types of radiation, such as cosmic radiation, cobalt 60 in the dose we are exposed to from the earth) etc. This list is longer.

But the ones that I found that worked best were things we did in the womb over
and over in close to the same way as fetuses. To make this short I found over time that sucking the
thumb, holding our hands in an upright position especially near the lips (note
the similarity to the positions in Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Falen Gong etc.-it is
my conclusion that that is why those therapies work in adddition to the
breathing putting us in the theta brainwave state which is also the most
common brainwave in the fetus, but they dont create the
fetal hand positions closely enough to be as effective as they could be-and
they have the drawback that they are only done for short periods).

Others of this (fetally evolved) group of the best triggers include exerting pressure against the
webbing between the thumb and forefinger, where the fetus would have most commonly handled
its unbilical cord , or inserting the fingertip in the nose, or inserting the
forefingertip in the ear all the way. I have found it is the pressure against the nostril, web of the fingers, the lips, and ear next to the canal that is the trigger.

Since there is an advantage in most diseases to being able to do one of those
positions continuously , using part of a cotton ball to recreate the pressure
caused by the fetus' finger against the part of the body it would have been in
contact with (between the lips , in the the nostril , or the inner
wall of the ear next to the ear canal) or where the umbilical cord would
touch the web between the thumb and forefinger would be ideal.

So I found that the cotton ball was the only thing that gave me the same degree of uninterupted stimulation as my finger did although some types of toilet paper worked about 70% as well. Everything else stopped working in a matter of minutes. Cotton and paper are both made from strands of glucose molecules and I assume that that works therefore because glucose is so common in the body and our bodies are in effect fooled into responding like it is the finger causing the pressure.

About 2 years this method stopped working and I didnt understand why until I read a report the most commonly genetically modified crop in the country was cotton. No convential brand of cotton I tested thereafter is free from this problem and so conventialWILL NOT WORK, as they stop working after a few minutes like everything else did (except toilet paper). THe problem was solved by now using ORGANIC cotton balls which by definition do not use genetically modified seeds. Organic cotton balls are found in most any health food market like Whole Foods most of which sell the Organic Essentials brand. I have no relationship with that or any company.

Although all the above described places to put the cotton ball work similarly,without cease, continuously , the most convenient is in the ear which can be done easily 24 hours a day if need be.

Now what does this technique do for us. So far I have tried it on about 30
people including myself and an internet friend who is a Professor at a University in India is testing it informally on about 10 more and is a firm believer. The average time it took to virtually eliminate all
cold symptoms in the 11 of us who tried it for colds here in the US, some colds bad enough that
the person had seen a Doctor for it, was less than 3 hours. The average time
for the sore throat, fever, and malaise to be eradicated was about one hour (this finding is not exaggerated) which I assume corresponds to the elimination of viral replication.
The nasal running took the extra 2 hours. One might assume that that high a level of immune stimulation could cure virtually all infectios disease in the world.

No placebo effect eliminates a cold anywhere near this quickly. In one recent major study of a cold antiviral the data submitted to the FDA stated that the placebo reduced the time of cold symtoms
from 9 days to 7 days. Days, not hours like the cotton. If a placebo worked like that we would not
need anything else, although the reason the placebo does work at all may in fact be that we evolved a belief that when we are given medicine it will work: again that fits what I am alleging. For something to be effective in continuous usage it has to have about a history of practice over thousands or millions of years and done in a very similar fashion each time, so that it has now evolved as a trigger and is in our genes.

In 5 people who had Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, or Celiac disease (all 3 are
autoimmune diseases) the longest it took any of
them to bring their symptoms to zero (or for the woman with Crohns, zero as long
as she laid off seafood) was one week--email from the one with ulcerative
colitis is included below to give you an idea--and these people had long, angry,
intractable cases. The only failure was just a mild improvement in a 6th
woman with Ulcerative Colitis who did not wean herself of her immune suppressive
drugs during the test and I have found that always makes this technique
ineffective for everything. And this method does not ever stop working or even slow
down after even years of usage..

This method does not only work to stimulate our immune system but testing showed that it obviously stimulates all our bodily functions beneficially (corresponding to the concept of "chi"), as probably could be predicted by the fact that this evolved to aid survival, specifically in the fetus. It shows a usually unprecedented improvement (or cure) in virtually all injuries and diseases it was tested on.

This method has been tried on about 38 or so different diseases or injuries or functions of
the body and the failures are almost nonexistent (excluding the failures that were consistently seen after they started using genetically modified cotton) even injuries that have stopped healing
for years including brain damage abd vocal cord injuries. Ill give special mention here to osteoporosis depression and allergies. I have now come to believe it will improve virtually any injury or disease, usually in an unprecedented way.

Below is a complete list of the things, all successful), that I/we have tried it

Any failures can be traced to about 5 things that prevent the immune system or other functions from
being stimulated by any method, not just this one, I have found, during the time one is
exposed to these things, ---1. Smoking including a few hours after a cigarette
2. The radiation from most computer monitors will totally abolish the effect 3. The radiation
from being very near a street power line, a plasma or big screen TV or some high
powered radios even the new car radio I tested or even carrying a cell phone or using it or being within 2 or 3 feet of it even all will totally abolish the effect-this is very important to remember as they are so ubiquitous. 4. Taking immunosuppressive drugs. 5 Wearing something in the ear like a hearing aid or stereo earpiece.

In addition, although none of the people tested took any additional precautions during testing, some other things that humans now do reduce the stimulation somewhat, like wearing rings (they stimulate between the fingers with non cotton), wearing a watch (the battery causes a problem that I can explain if you like) and even synthetic clothing and genetically modified clothing which would be avoided to allow the maximum result but which as I said none of the test subjects avoided and the effect was as I have described. I am talking purist when I allude to these things in this paragraph. Virtually any manmade item experienced will reduce to some noticiable degree in me the level of stimulation such as most chemicals sush as deoderant, lipstick etc. This fact provides the extension of the theory that things we experience the most during evolution are beneficial triggers and extends it to things that we have absolutely no historic familiarity with now (because they arent even a part of nature, they are synthetic, actually trigger the opposite effect I have found. Lowered immunity, reduced healing ability, reduced "chi". ANd this problem is getting worse as radiation from so many sources becomes more difficult to avoid, and this should inevitably, I would think, lead to higher cancer rates as is being seen now.

If you try it yourself or on a friend, use a box of cotton that says ORGANIC cotton
on the box otherwise it will be genetically modified and wont work. Tear off a piece of a size that fits snugly but is not uncomforttable -maybe about halfway in between a pea and a marble, but not as small as a pea since we want to duplicate the level of pressure the fingertip end causes against the inner ear. Poke it in gently or mildly a few times until it stops going in because it is touching the inner wall (where an ear plug to reduce noise would be placed) where the end of the fingertip or the index or forefinger touches when it is s inserted all the way. Recheck/ repoke it every so often to make sure it does not inch away from that spot as it tends to do
with movement in some people (or if you roll over on your ear during sleep).
Use one ear, not both. But you can switch ears if you like.

The only thing to watch out for(and this would I believe to
be the case of any effective "chi" stimulator) is the fact that (perhaps due to
increased circulation) the effect of any drug you take would be a bit increased without
the blood level of it being increased, so if you were near to the toxic level of that drug before
you inserted the cotton you could possibly cause overdose. (I am not a Doctor and
cant prescribe this for anyone so people should consult their Doctor before usage.)

Sincerely Steve Lord Email ***@****

Below is the list of 38 and the Ulcerative Colitis mans email--In a longer email I can report the
exact circumstances and results of each of these following conditions tested
-there are multiple people tested for many of these 38 things-all testing showed
obvius positive results unless noted. Most results were unprecedented.

1. Depression
2. Anxiety
3. Schizophrenia
4. Mania
5. Bronchitis
6 Influenza
7. food poisoning
9. Celiac disease
10. ulcerative colitis
11. Crohns
12 Rheumatoid Arthritis
13. 3 types of allergies-hay fever 75% is removed in 15 minutes-completely in
longer use
14 asthma
15 bone regrowth
16 reduction in the speed of spread of male pattern baldness
17 Fatigue of various types
18 accelleration of amount of muscle building a day after a workout with
19 greater amount of weight that could be lifted during a workout, alternating
each set the wearing of the cotton with not wearing it
20. Quicker time to begin sleep, longer sleep, deeper more refresshing sleep, more vivid dreaming, more
dreaming evidently-reported by all
21 Partial healing of old brain damage that had long since stopped healing
as well as recent brain damage
22 accelerated healing of and increased resistence to reinjuring tendon injuries
23 extremely rapid elimination of pain (antiinflammatory?) from burns which
returns when the cotton is removed
24 calming effect reported by all
25 increased dopamine release as shown by improvement immediately, although not
great, in restless leg syndrome and a mild greater sense of well being
immediately even in healthy people
26 very rapid lessening of pain in chronic rotator cuff injury
27 tooth infection
28 increased sexual arousal and pleasure, increased orgasm intensity
29 more rapid resolution of acne cysts
30 repeated elimination of muscle spasm in foot from a stroke while treating
31 colds and accompanying sore throats-sore throats and fever gone within an
hour or less, colds with an average of 3 hours
32 resolution of herpes simplex in a day as opposed to the normal week it had
always taken me--several times
33 Migraine, both prevention and cure.
34 Common headache
35 Dissolving of amyloids, the type formed in association with infections if combined with
one other type of immune stimulation--I used walking fast as that other type
usually. A cousin of this type of amyloid is the cause of ALzeimers. I am hoping
that it will work for that too but is now untested.
36 Significant further healing of vocal cords after healing had ceases for
37 Immediate increase in energy
38 You could try it on your tennis or golf game to see if greater power or
coordination was seen but we havent tried it for that yet.
39. Hiccups, itching, bouts of sneezing.

Emails from a user:


speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:Hello Steve

I have read an article written by you about the fetal cure


Is this some sort of joke or is it real?.

Where did you learn about this technique if it is indeed not a hoax?

Should I place a piece of cotton wool in both ears or just one ear?

I have been suffering for colitis for more than 20 years and I am prepared
try anything that will free me of this dreaded disease.

Second Email.

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote: Hello Steve

I did the fetal cure last night and the results were amazing. I was
suffering a
severe flareup with my colitis during the last few weeks. I was having
about 20
bowel movements of watery and bloody stools.

I placed a cotton ball in my right ear and then sat in the dark for about
hour. I then went to bed with the cotton ball still intact in my ear. I
got up
this morning and changed the cotton ball and then took a shower with it.

I only had one bowel movement today. There was no blood in my stools My
had a better formation though still watery. My abdominal and back pains
gone. Yes colitis is a autoimmune disease. I would apprecuate it if you
let me know what to avoid with colitis.

I would the address of your webside by searching google for a cure for
Someone placed the address of your website on the following message board


P.S : Can you tell me how you came to know about this wonderful cure?


Third Email

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:Hello Steve

Day 3 report.

All my symptoms of colitis have disappeared except that my stool formation
still not normal. I have noticed that my hayfever/rhinitis has completely
vanished. I have been a hayfever sufferer as long as I was suffering from
colitis. I will meet my mother in law on Saturday and I will ask her what
of arthritis she has.

P.S : Can I post your website on other IBD message boards. I have suffered
such a long time and I really feel sorry for others who have been
from this disease. Not everyone will try this cure but there must be other
desperate people like me who are willing to give it a try


Forth email:

speedy vussi <hotnot44@[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:Hello Steve

Sorry that I was not in contact with you during the last few days. I was
feeling so well that I decided to take a little vacation into the
mountains. I
would have written to you but unfortunately I did not have access to the

I have been literally pigging myself during the last few days. I was
making up
for all the good foods I denied myself for years. Foods that iritated my
colitis. I can eat anything that my heart desires now

I am still using the cotton ball. My stools are getting more formed by the
I have an enormous amount of energy. Another thing that I noticed is that
sleep much more better with the cotton ball and I am not waking up very
like I previously did.



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Thanks for all of your info- I really appreciate it. Don't worry about frightening me by throwing me some ideas. Actually a fatty liver doesn't sound so bad. I already know I'm fat this wouldn't be a new problem. I'm just looking for some information because I really don't know much about this subject. Everyone's advice and opinions are actually helping to educate me about liver problems. It is not knowing and not being educated about this that is more scary. Receiving everyone's opinions and information today has helped me alot to learn about this and to be prepared for what the doctor may have to tell me. Thanks.
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