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Blood Transfusion related Hepatitis C

I was wondering how many of the people on here got HCV from a blood transfusion?  In 1989 my daughter received a blood transfusion which resulted in HCV infection.   She died in 2004 and in trying to understand how this could have happened, I discovered that the blood supply in the United States is horrible.  I sued the Red Cross, who wanted to settle with me, which I did not do because I would have had to sign a confidentiality statement. The suit was dismissed because of a statute of limitations issue.  The Red Cross never understood that is was not about money it was about them cleaning up the blood supply.
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Had several hip replacements prior to 1992, due to JRA. The speculation from the Gastro coincides with other doctors that since I never did drugs or wild sex (although it was tempting), it could only have come from a transfusion. Never look back, always forward and damn the torpedoes. Treat, heal and enjoy life is my motto. Otherwise, cave in to this and all other problems in life and end up a statistic...

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I had two transfusions in the 60's.  That was my only risk exposure, other than hetro sex and as we all know those chances are low to null.  As my Doc ( Gregory Everson) explained to me there was no screening pre 1992, and the virus can lie dormant for decades as well.  It looks like it's been active for 15-20 years guesstimate based on the damage to my liver.

I am sorry for your lose.

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Loss, not lose.

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I have made it my mission to get them to clean up the blood supply and have a lawyer that is working pro bono for me.  I am going to send an open letter to my congressional delegation to the Washington Post.  Blood donations are the way the Red Cross makes their money. They send out blood everyday with HIV, HCV,  mad cow disease and anything you can imagine.  They send it out and then recall it but by the time they do, it has already been distributed. It makes me mad that they put children's lives at risk. It would shock you to know how bad it really is.  If you are interested go to http://www.fda.gov/safety/recalls/enforcementreports/default.htm  and scroll down to biologics and just look at what goes out and the reasons.
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sbd5251 I am very sorry for your loss.  

In answer to your question, I believe I got HCV from a blood transfusion on December 30, 1954...a very, very long time ago.  It was my only obvious exposure but that's not to say I couldn't have gotten it from botched vaccinations, etc. as a child  I do, however, know that I have had Hep C for a very, very long time because my old medical records show elevated LFTs back into the late 70's...thus, I'm pretty darn sure it was the blood transfusion.  My situation is much different than your daughter's was in that Hep C was not even on the radar for the medical community or the blood banks back then...and, without the blood transfusion I would have been a dead 2 day old baby.

I haven't read your link yet but I will because I am interested in the blood supply news.  I will say that I am always appalled when people tell others who are wondering if they have Hep C to "go donate blood" and you will get a free test for Hep C.  That just makes me shiver.  I also know of a woman who sold her plasma for years and then one year they notified her that she had Hep C.  Turns out she had had Hep C for 20-30 years but none of the previous plasma tests caught it.  How many people did her plasma infect?
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I'm very very sorry for your loss. I can only try to imagine how it would be to lose one's child.

As to blood transfusion and blood products prior to 1992. The problem is that Hep C was only identified in 1989 and they were not able to screen blood for it until 1991 - 1992.

If I'm not mistaken, they actually cannot be sued for any hep c infections caused by blood or blood products prior to 1992. Anything after that would be negligence.

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