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Blood appears at site after injection

Giving myself my shot, I had what I thought was too much blood coming out of the site, I gave myself my shot in the thigh. How do I know when to worry?
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I spot, I dot, I flow and I've screwed it up everyway imaginable and I can still type. Can't do the thighs though I have to stay with the stomach to find fat and not much there either. I may be wrong but I don't think you can do a whole lot of damage. Are you hitting the site at 45 degrees with the needle? Good luck a welcome to the I hate shots forum. Talk to your doctor would be the best advice. We are all sufferers in here. I'm in charge of the whinning section. Good luck to you. Dale
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Thanks, I think I love the best part of your answer...regarding the whinning.
My emotions were almost hysterical, I tried to call the hotline nurse, answering machine. I just didn't know what to do, tried to get on this site, and the site was 'full' so I had to wait until today to sign up.
Agression is becoming a problem, dry skin, but I am so thankful I found this site.
thanks so much.
I loved reading the archives, that was extremely helpful last night, when I felt so alone.
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Several drops of blood is not unusual. Sometimes you won't see any.  Not sure how far thru tx you are. But, if you have low platelets due to tx, or going into tx, you may have a tendency to bleed a little more than usual.  If you inject the ifn and it make a little mound under your skin don't press it.  It will subside and diffuse on its own. Have fun.
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thanks, I guess that's what scared me, first two shots, piece of cake, no blood, nothing. But I wasn't comfortable with the shots in my stomach area. Not enough fat to pinch, so I tried the thigh, and oh my, I was a mess, I prefer this area, but will work on my angle?? Also, I think I'm genotype B. I need to get my paperwork out, I feel somewhat uninformed about my own treatment.
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Sometimes it bleeds sometimes it doesn't. I think also remember it's mixing with the medication so it might LOOK like it's bleeding more than it really is.  I make sure I leave the needle in to the count of TEN after I've done the shot and it has helped me with the "backwash" effect LOL

Best of luck on treatment!
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I had those problems on and off. I got more dilligents about the 45 degree angle and also learned where I seemed to have problem areas. It got better. It's best to pull back slightly before plunging to check for blood. Instructions say to discard shot if this happens (v. rare)... I think the wisdom here is to move over a little to a new site and continue.

If dummies couldn't do this, they wouldn't have us trying. Little prpblems are to be expected. Good luck.
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