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Blood levels too high post tx

Its been 3 months and one week since EOT (48 weeiks).  My Triglicerides are 17.1 and my ratio is 14.8 Cholestrol is dangerously high.  Is this normal while coming off the drugs?  I'm afraid there seem to be no Statin drugs one can take with a damaged liver.  I still have to wait three more months to see if the tx. worked.  Hate to go to Doc. all the time this info. really scares me.  I think my diet is pretty good and I'm exercising a lot more now.  Not sure what else I can do.

Thanks in advance - Lynne
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It's always a balancing act with meds because the liver processes everything, but just because you have liver disease doesn't mean you absolutely cannot take a statin -- depends on your circumstances.  (Hopefully you have a cardiologist and hepatologist talking to each other... that would be optimal.)  

My husband has had cirrhosis for at least 3 years, and he has simultaneously been taking a moderate dose of simvastatin (20mg/day) because of elevated cholesterol previously complicated by a near heart attack.  He maintained that dose until just recently when treatment knocked his cholesterol down to unusually low levels (70s), so they cut his dose in half to keep in the the 100 ranges.  

There was an older post about statin use in hcv patients you might find interesting:


Don't know much about post-treatment blood results, but I have read about other members here having rises in cholesterol post-tx.  Hope that helps.
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it may just be that your liver is now working better and producing more lipids (one of 500 functions a healthy liver does)

I would watch diet and exercise for a few months then check again.

My #'s are high now post TX but were fine during tx. I'm trying to avoid statins if possible.

No way would I jump right into taking a statin. Once you start on these you are on them the rest of your life. There have been studies that show just as many people still have heart attacks / strokes that take statins.

I think this is one of those drugs over dosed by doctors. The Pharm compaines push these by scaring people and the doctors go right along with it.
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