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Blood test results

I guess I want to know how bad this situation is.  I was just diagnosed with Hep C last month.  I'm 54 y.o.
SGOT (AST)   42 U/L
SGPT (ALT)    66 U/L
RCV RNA PCR Quant: 386972  IU/mL
HCV Viral Log 5,588 LOG  IU/mL
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Thanks for all of the information.  My husband found out he is positive last Thur.  He is going for his ultrasound and more blood work tomorrow.  I guess he is the same as I am...type 3.  I will post more when we find out his numbers.  He has been off work for the last couple of weeks for heat exhaustion.  Since I tested positive last month, he was sure he was too. I had gone to my doctor for a spider bite.  My enzymes were elevated, so the Hep C test.  Well, this is a lot for us both to take in.  Don't know yet what we'll do, but I do know that I do not want a biopsy.  Rather go for non-invasive testing.  
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The only way to know ...  "how bad it is" .. is to have your liver checked by a more testing than just a ultrasound ..
It's a good thing your u/s came back normal & that your liver is normal size & no enlarged spleen !

Personally I don't agree with Biopsy being the "gold standard" at this time 2011 for determining liver condition related to HCV .. but that's my opinion ..
Biopsy has as much potential for problems during analysis or sample collection as do the non invasive tests like Fibrosure, Fibroscan,Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) .. and biopsy is way more expensive .... they are all, including biopsy , about 75-85% accurate depending on many factors.

G2 seems to be the easier of the two, GT2 or GT3, to successfully treat . It's due to a lack of research that these 2 genotypes have been lumped together .. this subject is now starting to be researched with more serious attention.
There is allot of reading available here and in other sites concerning all these subjects.

The decision to do the Tx is a very personal one. It should be made from an informed foundation of understanding of the ... risk vs. reward ... not just a GP , GI, Hepa doctors opinion .... unless the doc is a HCV specialist and has treated 1000's of patients ... imo ...  
Fortunately the public has access to info and hard scientific data via the net !

Good luck & Good Health !
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I have had an ultra sound....good results.  I am geno type 3.  Thanks for all the info.  I'll look at the rest of my bloodwork later.
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ALT, AST slightly elevated, viral load is low.  Numbers are consistent with chronic hepc.  Have you had a blood test to determine which genotype you are?  The only way you'll know how much damage the virus has caused to your liver is to have a liver biopsy.  Liver biopsy remains the gold standard for evaluation of chronic hepatitis and fibrosis in spite of recent advances in non-invasive techniques.  However, if you are considering treatment, some doctors do not think it is necessary to perform a biospy on genotype 2 or 3 because of the high cure rate.

There are also other blood markers that may indicate cirrhosis is present.
When the liver does not function properly, patients may experience one or more warning signs. Abnormal liver function is a warning sign of cirrhosis that is measured by a blood test. Examples include but do not confirm cirrhosis.

•"thin" blood (An increased or prolonged prothrombin time – also called a P.T. – this test is now also defined as an "INR." The INR number increases as the liver fails.)

•high bilirubin – greater than 2.0 mg/dL is a concern

•low albumin – less than 3.5 mg/dL is a concern

•low cholesterol – less than 100 mg/dL is a concern

•low platelets – less than 100,000 is a concern (Platelets are cells involved in blood clotting.)
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