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Here is a good question?........Will a person who has attains SVR ever be able to donate blood again in his life time again?
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As long as you have the antibodies, no.  I have read that a small percentage might eventually go antibody negative, but it's a small minority.  How 'bout Habitat For Humanity instead?  Still a good way to give a life essential.
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The Hep C antibodies will show up,
Lots of people learned they were infected when they tried to give blood.
Donating blood also has another bad connotation insofar as it was drug users on the West Coast selling their blood that played a big part in the HVC and HIV viruses spreading like they did.
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Is this just a precaution by the medical industry...or is it proven that the person who donates his "SCV BLOOD " will infect other blood?....reason why im asking is because there is a real shortage blood donation here in Canada...and of course im curious
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They blood would not infect anyone.
But ask yourself,if you had responsibilty for screening of blood products would you accept blood with the Hep C antibody?
I wouldn't.
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I live in Vancouver, I was told by Canadian blood services, I can't ever donate again. That was actually, the way I found out I had it. They sent me a letter, after I donated. What a way to find out, I was devastated.
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