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Brain Fog

I have been suffering with "brain fog", or at least that's what I've come to believe it is. I have Hepatis C and I do not know how long I've had it. I had a liver biopsy in 2001 and was told I had stage 2 liver disease. My liver enzymes are always slightly elevated and I have occasion pain and vomitting. My ammonia level is normal. Could Hep C really be the cause of this "Brain Fog" and if so, what can I do to improve my mind? I am an ICU nurse and I try not to self diagnose. My doctors are not Hepatitis specialists, and my GI doc admits to knowing little about Hep C. My PCP is very wet behind the ears and has not even heard of the term brain fog. I am in the Kaiser system so my hands are somewhat tied. I have been doing alot to self educating to get proper care. Thanks for you help.
Louise RN, BSN
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I would vedry strongly suggest you see a hepatologist as sson as possible. They are the most trained in HCV. I am quite surprised your docs did not refer you to one after you dx.
The brain fog most of us experience is from the meds we take for HCV or additionally from loss of thyroid some of us experience due to the meds we take for HCV.
I hope you see someone very experienced very soon. LL
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I noticed some memory problems before I did the tx for hcv, but chucked it to aging, of course I had them worse on tx, I am nowwondering if my immune system attacking the virus played some part in the memory problem.  There is another member here that is with Kayser and treating her infection. Getting rid of hcv, if that is the cause, would be the remedy for the fog. Your body is going to continue on its state of "alertness" as long as the invader is within.
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If you are in the Portland/Vancouver area you won't be able to get a good Hepatologist through Kaiser, as they do not have one. The GI's are not that up to date on HCV. I would suggest you try going to a Hepatologist in the area.

I was diagnosed in 1989 and have had an increase in brain fog and and a loss of cognitive thought process over the years from the HCV virus.

               God Bless

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I, too, have brain fog -- and it's not related to treatment (since I've never been on tx).  My short-term memory is horrible. I have to write everything down, or else it's lost forever.  I also find that I'm less interested in pleasure reading -- it's not a pleasure anymore due to my memory and concentration problems. Even TV viewing or going to the movies isn't great because it's hard for me to follow the plots unless I really force myself to concentrate.  I also find that my mind is often void of any particular thoughts (no blonde jokes, please).  Just a blank -- which is very unusual for me.  


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I'm with Kaiser San Jose and both my gastro and hepa are fine docs, along with being well versed on HCV. Since transplant is out of their league, Kaiser has a sister program with UCSF and UCLA, in California, where I can meet w/their docs and discuss liver issues along w/HCV programs. Kaiser is their patient and I'm Kaiser's, so they bill Kaiser and then Kaiser bills me, if at all. My labs are done at Kaiser and then forwarded to UCSF for review at no charge. Kaiser has sister programs established in all of their coverage areas and you, as a Kaiser nurse, have inside access to them too. I'm not hootin for Kaiser just laying down the facts after seeing countless other docs. Also, you did not mention whether you have had a recent CT Scan, liver biopsy or labs. Please go get tested. You won't know what's going with your health/body until you do. I wish you the best.
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I would agree that hcv pre-tx can cause "brain fog" and affect thought processes. I'm stage 3/4 (biopsy 4 yrs ago) have not yet started treatment. I was a computer programer/analyst (pretty good one) but was laid off a year ago. They were cutting 300 jobs but I really knew it was because of my job performance. I can no longer do what I loved to do. To me it wasn't a job but I had fun doing it. I can't go through all the flow diagrams in my mind like I use to. My concentration for any length of time sucks and I have to write things down to remember them. My body has that feeling when your coming down with something, that heavy weak feeling. This did not occurr overnight but over the last five years it has progressed to the point I'm not sure if I can work. Find a good hcv doctor because if you don't it will lead to much frustration and confusion that will add to "brain fog". I hope the very best to you and your endeavors!
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