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All regard,I from distant Belarus.Accidentally зашQл on this site.Too pain by hepetitis С ,which перешQл in cirrhosis already...In our country людеи sick hepetitis with ,can treat only for the personal facilities,which unrealistic here to earn...
if beside who that from you there is possibility to help medicine for chemotherapy of the hepetitis with shall is much thanked by .О itself: me 36 years ,hepetitis With pain 15 years,have infected at blood transfusions Excuse me for bad know english
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If I understand you correctly, you are looking for free medicine to help fight hepatitis C.

There are groups in this country that do this sort of time, i.e. ship medicines out of the country for those in need. I believe the way it works, is that individuals and hospitals in this country donate unused medications to the organization then ship them overseas.

You might want to do a search under "donate medicine" and see what you come up with. You also might want to contact some HIV groups in this country, as they have experience in this sort of thing and possibly will work with you, as many HIV patients also have hepatitis C.

Good luck!


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What does that comment mean beleca?  If you don't like the responses you get on this forum from real people who have hepc or have treated for it, than why do you ask us?
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Here is a great link Trinity recently recommended that is translated into Russian, if you can understand it:

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Pet Forum -  Dogs - may be helpful too.
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all thank you
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yeah, I would not assume the worst when you can see how much is being lost in translation. Making a supreme effort, to be sure, expressions from country to county vary greatly as to meaning.

Beleca I'm sure there must be some treatments in the bigger cities. I would try to contact the teaching hospitals, any university hospital in your area and find out what treatments or even trials may be going on there.
Most countries have some trials in which the drugs being researched are free.
There is some risk involved in trials, but, an an example, two of the new HCV drugs on trial here in the US and elsewhere are giving better results than the current prescribed medicines are giving. So those people in those studies are most fortunate.

try also doing a search for "clinical trials" or "government trials for Hepatitis C" in your country. Try doing the searches in Russian and English as well. There are many trials going on in parts of Europe right now. If you could get a Visa to work there you may qualify.  I know, for instance of one study in Egypt where they used the immigrant population (who could not pay for meds) to conduct the study. These people recieved a better drug that helped them to have a higher cure rate than ever before.

So, do not lose hope, just start searching for answers and some will come.
if you go to www.clinicaltrials.gov  and type in Hepatitis C or HCV you will see a long list of clinical trials ongoing worldwide.

If I happen to see one opening up near you I will try to let you know.

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I this all know,offer the treatment cuban eberon,but from it much side эффекктов,many do not bear the terastump...
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from eberon side effects gravely переносяться,many do not bear terastump
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here all from usa?
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No, Germany, England, Ireland, Pakistan, Iran, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, France, Spain, Egypt and US. Did I miss any?
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Oh yeah, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, India ......But you get the idea.
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Who  was treated Cuban eberon?
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мы не можем понять ваши слова. Какой язык Вы используете
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