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CNN says Hep C folks, me included, have increased risk of diabetes 2

Just watched a short clip on CNN that says based on a population based study, (whatever that is) we have an significantly increased chance of developing diabetes 2.  Not a lot of meat to the article and it wasn't even specified whether it was related to interferon use or not.  Now, I'm wondering if some of the symptoms I've been feeling is NOT fatigue from Hep C, but diabetes 2.  

I know I gained too much weight back after failing treatment in 2003, but I am still pretty active and push myself a lot to do THINGS, mow the lawn, take the stairs, etc.

Does anybody else wonder about diabetes 2?  Sometimes, I get a kind of dizzy feeling, sort of woozy, but it passes quickly.  I watch the sugar I eat, but still have a popsicle every day.  I'm working on losing 30 lbs, I lost 50 lbs during tx but gained it all back over the last three years, it was quite insidious, very slowly creeping back to my bu tt and thighs.

It pops into my head that I am carrying around 30 extra 1 lb. new york strip steaks and no wonder I am freakin tired.   I've upped my veges and fruit and have cut back seriously on portions.  

So I'm thinking I need a glucose meter, take the blood sugar  now and then and see what's up.  Every once in a while, I will read something that talks about "insulin-resistance" and am wondering if this is one of the gifts left to me by IFN.  Anybody have any experience with this?  

Let me know, before I go see my GP, I need to know what to tell him.  He is very scared to treat me because of his lack of knowledge about Hep C and is always grateful when I tell him what I need.  Sad situation, but my infectious Doc is in Seattle, about 300 miles away.  So I am on my own and I don't know about the rest of you, but since I was diagnosed with Hep C, a lot of my treatment has been in my own hands, my own research and I'm glad to do it.

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Get a meter.  Its easy to check.    80  to 120 is normal  when fasting.   The thing is you normally lose a lot of weight with the onset of diabeties. Other symptoms are frequent trips in the middle of night to the bathroom and extrem thirst in the night.

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A glucometer is kind of an expensive investment if you're not sure you even have diabetes. You can ask your GP to check  your fasting blood sugar. They can either do that in his office or give you a lab slip for one. I'm lucky in that I work in a skilled nursing facility, and can just ask one of the nurses to check mine. I've done that several times, because, I worry also. My BS is just fine, was a little high once when I wasn't fasting when it was taken (119)
Several people here have diabetes post tx. Do you have other risk factors besides some extra weight & hep c that make you more likely to develop diabetes? Like family history, high triglycerides and high cholesterol?
Here's a link to insulin resistant-pre-diabetes:
I tookk a continuing ed course on diabetes and learned enough to put me to sleep, as I wasn't as interested in it at the time! My grandmother was a type 2 diabetes (adult onset) but no one else in my family has developed it.
Good luck,
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Upbeat is sooo right. My brother-in-law developed it a few years back and looked gaunt and terrible. I asked are you sick? He said in a way, I just found out I'm diabetic. He lost 30 lbs in a short amount of time and felt like shite.
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That's exactly what my doc told me. High triglycerides(sp), over 100 blood sugar and fatty liver will lead to diabetes if not checked. That means a low carb diet. This my 2nd time on tx.
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And I didn't lose any weight when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  Felt like cr**p and didn't lose a pound.  I've rarely known anyone that lost weight when DX.
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I use the Reli-On brand from Walmart.  The meter cost $10.00 and 100 strips around $40.00.  That's very inexpensive as far as meter and strips go and they work just as well as the higher brands.

There is a direct correlation between Hep C and diabetes.  Do a google search.  For now just check your blood sugars from time to time or day to day to get an idea of what they are doing.  You could be in a Pre-diabetes state.
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