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Caffeine worsens insulin resistance in prediabetics

Interestingly, a study showed that when diabetics had caffeine equivalent to four cups of coffee, their average daily blood sugar levels rose 8 per cent.  On the other hand, pre-diabetics (fasting blood sugar higher than 100) had the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee and three hours later, their blood sugar increased by 15 percent and the insulin production by 18 percent.  So pre-diabetics may not see a big increase in their blood sugar, but the hyperinsulinemia is getting worse.  And as we know, hyperinsulinemia makes interferon ineffective.


Caffeine worsens insulin resistance in prediabetics.
Family Practice News
April 15 2007

WASHINGTON -- Caffeine intake appears to exaggerate post-meal insulin resistance in prediabetic adults who regularly drink several cups of coffee each day, according to preliminary results of a randomized, double-blind, crossover study of 50 individuals.

The results "suggest that caffeine consumption promotes the development of type 2 diabetes in those people who are at greatest risk for this disease," James D. Lane, Ph.D., said at the annual meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

This is the first time that caffeine's effects on insulin resistance have been measured in habitual coffee drinkers with prediabetes, said Dr. Lane of the department of psychiatry and behavioral medicine at Duke University, Durham, N.C. More than 12 other studies have shown that caffeine administration acutely raises insulin resistance both in healthy, nondiabetic volunteers and in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Other studies have shown that coffee drinking is associated with a significantly reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, but these conclusions have been "based on correlational observations, not controlled, experimental studies," he noted.
In the current study, all participants had prediabetes (average impaired fasting blood glucose level of 111 mg/dL) and drank at least 2 cups of coffee per day, which was confirmed by a 7-day food diary. Each person fasted overnight and did not consume any caffeine, which preserved any tolerance that they had developed from their continued exposure to caffeine.

On the first day of testing, the participants received either 250 mg caffeine or placebo pills and had their fasting blood glucose levels measured. On the second day, they received the opposite of what they had taken on day 1. After 60 minutes, they had their blood glucose levels measured again, and they received a booster dose of 125 mg caffeine or placebo. They also drank a BoostPlus liquid meal replacement shake (75 g carbohydrates, plus fat and protein), which is similar to an oral glucose tolerance test except that it is more like a real meal, Dr. Lane said. Blood samples were drawn during each of the next 3 hours.

The total 375-mg dose of caffeine was equivalent to about 3 cups of brewed coffee, similar to what subjects consumed on average each day (409 mg).

For the first 41 participants with full results available, caffeine increased the 3-hour area under the curve (AUC) for plasma glucose by 15% more than placebo, though the result was not statistically significant. But the 3-hour AUC for plasma insulin was 18% greater with caffeine than with placebo--a significant difference. AUC is the standard method for measuring responses to oral glucose tolerance tests, said Dr. Lane. "'This pattern of results shows that caffeine did increase insulin resistance in these prediabetic subjects."

A normal response to the extra insulin produced with caffeine would have been to reduce the peak glucose level to a point lower than what was seen with placebo. But "'the glucose response was, if anything, a little larger in the caffeine condition," he said. "Given the conditions of our study, we think that this insulin resistance effect occurs every day as these prediabetic individuals and others like them consume caffeinated beverages in the real world."
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before everybody start switching to oranges instead of coffee -- what sets not good for insulin resistance either LOL -- keep in mind a couple of things. First, this study was for pre-diabetics, meaning their glucose is a little out of lack anyway. Second, there have been a number of recent studies suggesting that coffee may have a liver protectant benefit in terms of liver cancer. And third, there are other causes of insulin resistance, such as obesity and specifically mid-waist girth. I'm not saying someone pre-diabetic resistant should keep drinking coffee, but perhaps a change in their diet and weight might make even a bigger difference.
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forgot to mention exercise
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CO How come you are so mean?  NOW Gotta give up coffee too
I am trying
mixing decaf with regular getting to half and half mix  

Cigarettes tried the Champix pills  almost made me ready for the loney bin  I was so stupid and goofy I was scaring my employees as I am goofy enough with the brain fog  So  No smoking and no Caffieine no Booze god how will I live no vices
Next I will have to go to church
I left my cigs at work and am having a nicotine fit going to bed early
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This may not be exactly on topic but since I believe that the reason you post about IR is that it lowers response rates.  This may pertain to that.

You may recall I was in a recent Vertex trial (but pulled out due to a good biopsy result- I can wait to treat).  One thing that I recall was being told by the NP that I should reduce my coffee intake during the trial.  I believe that the jist I discerned was that it was thought to diminish response rates.  The NP was in a hurry and it was no time to explore that thought and see if they would explain it further.  When I got my 1/6 ISHAK staging it was about the end of our communications.  I have continued to wonder about that however since I love my coffee.

I recently came across this bit in another cutting edge FDA HCV study;


Adaptive Phase I HCV Study With Nucleoside Analogue, in Combination With Interferon and Ribavirin (R7128)

"Able to abstain from any alcohol (including alcohol-containing products) and able to limit caffeine consumption to two 8-ounce cups of coffee or the equivalent per day, from 72 hours before receiving study drug through the end of the study (Day 56 or early termination). "

I hope that this isn't considered too far off topic to discuss, but IF SO..... one could in another thread.  

Do you consider this germane?  Could you talk about why my NP mentioned this and why it is included as a part of this study?

Hope you are well,


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You and CS are doing me some good. CS noticed that i am IR. The doc missed it, and so did I. Funny that the doc did mention that he suspected I was IR with possible nash a couple of years ago. He never mentioned it again. I suppose the diet and exercise regimen I was on must have got it under control pre tox. It is back though, so diet and exercise are also back. I drink alot of diet soda, so that has got to go too. Thanks to you guys for staying on top of this.
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"before everybody start switching to oranges instead of coffee"

If they eat the oranges with some protein they can prevent the big spike in blood sugar.

"First, this study was for pre-diabetics, meaning their glucose is a little out of lack anyway."

A fasting blood sugar above 100 is pre-diabetes so you don't have far to go.  Studies have shown that insulin resistance starts in childhood.....50% of obese teenagers are insulin resistant.  Glucose tolerance deteriorates with age....and if you add the Hep C virus to the mix, your chances of being IR (even if the glucometer doesn't show it) are high.

"Second, there have been a number of recent studies suggesting that coffee may have a liver protectant benefit in terms of liver cancer."

SVR is probably a more effective way of preventing liver cancer.  I am all for using different measures to try to prevent liver cancer in the future.  But during tx, an 18 percent increase in insulin, even if transient, may hurt their chances of SVR.

"I'm not saying someone pre-diabetic resistant should keep drinking coffee, but perhaps a change in their diet and weight might make even a bigger difference."


Pre-diabetic---->drink coffee--->18 % increase in insulin levels....whether they exercised yesterday or not----->too much insulin, no SVR.  

P.S.  I hear the coffee companies have put a price on my head....LOL
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