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Calling all Post 1's

Hey,,,I'm starting to feel like genotype 1 equals relapse!! Would everyone that is out there lurking or post tx,,,,please let us know your experience if genotype 1 regarding how long you did tx etc...  Thanks so much!!
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Geno 1a 48 week tx. clear at 12 weeks and after 48. I will have my 6mo. in Sept.
I am F/45, Fibrosis grade 2. V/l at beginngin of tx was 10 million
As far as post tx sides. Fibromyalgia.
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Honey, now stop that.  I'm a 1 also and you and I are on the same team, remember?  We're not in this to lose.
Sioux.  Expecting really good news from you come September.
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Sioux,,,Thanks and we all will be thinking of you next month!!

Amerabrit,,,I know,,,I'm sorry but lately you got to admit,,,there has been not alot of great news coming through on 1's so actually this thread should be interesting to see who responds and their experiences..
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48 wk tx
post tx 7 month
12 wk 500< (not heptimax)
24 wk 5<
48 wk 5<
12 wk post no virus detected
6 month post no virus detected
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1a genotype, 46 female.  I finished my tx (first time treatment) at the end of May 2004.  The duration of my tx meds was 56 weeks.  I was undetectable at 16 weeks (below 50) and remain undetectable as of my 56 week PCR test.

I will have my PCR test to check for status of the virus at the end of this month (with fingers crossed).

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You're right Honey and you're asking a valid question, but with every "study" you have to consider the variables.  Unless those responding to you give you a complete history; i.e. dosage compliance; alcohol consumption; sexual history, drug use and any other illnesses while on tx., etc., etc., I'm not sure how useful the info is?  I am always interested in the answers to those questions myself and have asked them in previous threads but sadly, the answers haven't been posted.  That lack of info is more discouraging to me than the projected relapse numbers. I sincerely hope this thread proves me wrong and we read some complete responses. In the meantime though I'm looking forward to reading your "24 wk clear" post.
Very best wishes to you as always:).
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1-B. Low viral load, female, 50 y.o. minimal liver damage.
Pegasys and riba for 48 weeks.
Finished tx on 12/31/03.
First  post tx PCR test 7/04.
relapsed- pcr at +200,000

life goes on........
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I am nearing 48 weeks (#43 on Fri), a 1B, low viral load, low fibrosis, and undetectable at 12 and 24 weeks. Just as scared about relapse as you, but what can you do except what we've been doing? Best of luck to you and Sioux and to all of us.
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Hey, girlie....(giving you big hug)  Remember Indy WAS a 1...my hubby WAS a l.....I am a 3a and tried tx 3 times.....(fingers crossed for this time)  I was happy my hubby cleared after his one and only tx. (48 weeks..Peg/combo....he was a 1a)......and as a 3a, I did not clear...so....who knows?  My 6 month PCR is October. My prior tx was mono, and then a blind study...(inter and placebo or riba...I got the placebo...crud!!!)  I am sending you lots of positive vibes and good energy.  I think we all have our worries and doubts and fears...tx is not a picnic and we sure do go through a lot of physical and mental changes.  Whew!!!!!! Peace and love to ya
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Hi honey15637,

I was 1a
52 weeks of Pegasys/Ribavirin (1,000 mg daily)(100% compliant)
Cleared at week 5
Clear all through tx
Clear at 6 month post tx
12 month test due in October

Hang in there,
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My 45 yr old husband is genotype 1

At initial discovery, viral load 19 million plus

Biopsy showed stage 2-3

He started tx in Feb'03 (Pegasys/Copegus) for 48 weeks

He was an EVR - undetected at 12 week Heptimax

Stayed clear all through tx

Finished tx end of 1/04

Six month post tx Heptimax shows a relapse w/viral load 2 million plus:(

Going for round 2 starting in September
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850,000 IU/ML load
51 yrs old at tx time
HAD Hcv approx 30 years
No biopsy
Low body weight.....6' 165 lbs
No real noticeable symptoms before tx.
50 weeks Peg/Intron & Riba
Took multivitamin(no Iron), vitamins C & E,& Folic Acid with tx.
Lost 25 lbs during tx
Had "Medium" sides....it kicked my a$$
Worked most days I wanted to through tx.
Sex history?? = Yep...I had sex with women a FEW times in my life....No animals but some "appearence challenged".
Lowered Peg dose by 25% for 3 weeks at 8 months due to low neutrophil count after tooth infection.
Clear at 24 weeks <600
Clear at 4 weeks post tx <50
Clear at 6 month post tx <50
"CURED" at 1 year post tx <50
NO lasting side effects from tx.....except I did lose my Butt.
Have not really been sick a single day since stopping tx
I now feel better than I have in 20 years!!!
Future plans include laughing every day, becomming a sex addict, outliving another Doctor, and helping others through tx.

Did I forget anything Ameribrit ???????

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