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Can AIDS cure help us?

Recent news of a man being cured of AIDS form a bone marrow transplant has me wondering if one would help rid us of HCV?  Any ideas?
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I read this too...it was kind of a fluk what happened..the patient had a rare enzyme that matched the donors...and it was a real dangerous operation...i dont think this will be the cure of the future...there is anotHer one where the herpes drug..ALCOVIER...spelling...that knocks down the HIV virus...but kills healthy cells in the process...THEY ARE TRYING THO
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I also read the article and the Hep C connection jumped to my mind right away. Was going to post it but glad you did first.

While not a direct connection, what I got out of the article is reaffirmation that there are cures out there for many diseases -- out-of-the-box- cures -- that we aren't even aware of. And genetic remodeling of some sort  -- the underlying principle here -- seems to be the place where a lot of this good stuff will come from. As far as HIV goes, they don't propose marrow transplants as a cure -- too dangerous -- but hopefully they will be able to use the genetic priniciple involved to develop a cure.

Perhaps twill one day pinpoint why some people naturally get rid of the virus and some don't, and use this to develop a less toxic cure.

-- Jim
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Last sentence referred to HCV, i.e. that genetic (or other out-of-the-box)  research may lead to a less toxic cure sometime in the future.
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jmjm530 said:

"Perhaps twill one day pinpoint why some people naturally get rid of the virus and some don't, and use this to develop a less toxic cure."

Understanding the underlying pathological functions of hcv IS the key -- and until science has a better grasp of its genetic signals on a cellular/metabolic level, imho, attempts at cure will continue to be tantamount to a crapshoot (some 'luckier' than others, perhaps...)  Additionally, a bone marrow transplant is indeed a dangerous procedure in and of itself (we could say, more 'toxic' than the current treatment!), usually a life-saving measure only undertaken for aggressive leukemias/lymphomas -- perhaps a bit drastic to be viewed as a "treatment" for hcv or hiv infection -- maybe, in the future, a procedure considered along with liver-transplant as a last line of defense, IF and WHEN we get to a better functional understanding of hcv to be able to identify the right 'gene triggers' to be able to pick the 'right' bone marrow).

Definitely an interesting article, though, thanks fo posting it!
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That's exactly the same reaction I had, when I read it a few days ago... I thought of HCV.
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