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Can I get Hep C touching objects with small cuts ?

I work in health care and we had. A patient who is Hep C positive I did not know this until she told me herself she had it , I used gloves and protective ppe for personal care etc however I have small cuts and paper cuts on my hands which aren’t actively bleeding however still sore and fresh and tender and sting whenever soap gets into them, I remember touching her objects such as her food table and water container am I at risk of contracting hep c? I am extremely worried over this and just need some peace of mine the internet says the virus lasts on surfaces for weeks thank you
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Hepatitis c infected blood needs to enter a wet fresh openly weeping wound. Put another way as an example the odds of a health care worker who experiences an accidental needle stick involving a patient with a known hepatitis C infection the odds of transmission are only about 2%.

Hepatitis c is difficult to contract through casual contact. While it is true hep c can survive for a period of time on a surface this is assuming the surface is undisturbed like never cleaned.

All this is a long way around to say no you are not at risk.

I would assume someone working in a health care would have training in best practices to avoid transmission of blood borne illnesses.

Also as hepatitis c today is very curable for the majority of patients using one of the many relatively new DAA medications for hep c like Epclusa for example  I’m wondering why this patient isn’t being treated or possible they have already treated and cured their hep c in which case they would test positive for hep c antibodies but they are no longer positive for the hep c virus and so would not be infectious.

Here is a link from the CDC FAQ about hep c for health care workers

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