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Can This Be True?

My bosses wife was asking me about treatment for someone they know. She says that they will not transplant him because he is gay - the insurance company is refusing for that reason.

I just cannot find it in me to believe such a thing could be possible in this day and age.  I said perhaps it was because the person wasn't sober - then it could be a real reason but I just can't believe that they would deny someone on their sexual preference.

I've never seen this asked before so I thought I'd see if anyone knows so I could respond with something better than 'that doesn't seem right'.

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I know that in some countries they have, and still do, reject organ/blood donations from homosexuals (mostly males) but I've never heard of it affecting eligibility as a recipient. I suppose anything's possible.
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It sounds as though there’s been a misunderstanding somewhere, Deb; that’s all I can guess—

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And no, it doesn't seem right :o). I imagine they could contact the hospital ombudsman, or UNOS for that matter; but I imagine they won't have to go that far before it's resolved--

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That's what I thought too - they live in Florida so it's not even a remote backwater country (although Florida might be considered a country unto itself by some ;)

Thank you. Just doesn't sound right to me.
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From my own observations, most of the transplants in Florida are people who move away from new york.  Since we don't discriminate against transplanting new yorkers there is no reason to think that we would discriminate against transplanting gay people. Can't say the same about people from new jersey, though.
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I can't see this as being true at all. If they did deny on that basis he could sue for millions.
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