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Can bleach in bath water ease Hep C Itch?

Hi, My name is David and I have Hep C.Had it for 15 years now. Started as Hep B and mutated in 1993. Had Hep B since 1973. I have been through interferon, Pegasus, the freakin pills. Not a change in levels. After all these years of experimenting, I have found that adding ½ cup of lemon scented clhlorox bleach to a hot bath completely stopped the itch for up to 24 hours. Now don't get crazy on me. Here is how I do it. Do not use soap or shampoo in the bath water along with bleach. The idea is to soak for at least 10 minutes in the bleach water. Rub your skin where lightly where it itches the most. Remember bleach (sodium hyperchlorite) is not a soap or detergent, it effectively removes bacteria, dead skin and what I like to think, the hep C virus just under the skin. It does not remove oils from the skin and hair so at some time you may want to first take a normal shower if only just to make your hair look clean. Finally I can function normally without being preoccupied with touching every part of my skin thinking a bug is crawling on it. I know it sounds crazy but it works for me. Oh yeah, towel dry normally, do not leave it dry on your skin, rub a little with the towel.
My question is. Can long term soaking in ½ cup lemon scented chlorox bleach do any damage to my skin? I mean, my body is already wrecked but more damage I am trying to avoid.
Thank you so much for reading this question, I hope someone has an answer.
                                                  Sincerely yours,
                                                  PopupWriter Pa
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I use it only when washing whites. ROYFLMAO!!! now I have heard of everything.

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Im white! And its good for washing whites! ahaha
I'll keep in in mind.! Dont think I can lose my color! Only get brighter! woo hooo
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Hi again, It is probably relevent, but hot tubs have become common. They are highly chlorinated and may provide some sufferers with relief. My version is like  a hot tub without the frills and in your own bathtub. Keep on truckin, Pops
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My version is like  a hot tub without the frills and in your own bathtub.......

Why not use your washing machine and get the best of both worlds???
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OOOOK.  Thought I've heard of everything but hey you never know.  I know in the very old days even before my youth, people used to use bleach for soaking feet, like atheletes (sic) feet.  I heard that it used to be in writing on the old Clorox bottles, I don't know for sure but I have done that and it works very well.  I haven't treated my HepC yet but if I get the attack of the "itch bug", I'd be open to it.  It sounds like a very cheap way to treat yourself and there's very good reason for it to work.  With that said, bleach is a very "toxic" liquid when mixed with ammonia, so I would get all soap and everything else away also, if you have washed that tub with ammonia don't try the bleach.  If anyone tries this idea be very careful bleach can become very "toxic", regular soap don't have ammonia but you never know about those boutique bars and I think some soap may have a titch of lye.  I don't know what happens if lye and bleach meet but I do know that ammonia and bleach can kill you, I forget what they make when they meet but it is a very toxic gas/vapor.  God Bless
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Thank you all for your comments and insights. Yes indeed do not ever mix bleach with ammonia or anything but water (even though tap water has a lot of **** in it). And Please do not use more than ½ cup in a full bathtub. Bleach, full strength will burn your skin so be careful. This post only pertains to those of us suffering with an unexplainable itch, maybe or maybe not related to Hep C. My bilirubin levels are low so I don't think it is bile salts in my blood but it does feel like a sharpness poking from the inside rather than an affliction from the outside. Of Course I am not ruling out that I am 100% whacked fully crazy out of my brain but if I am, well hell, this cures that too ;)
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when my daughter was younger she wold get poision ivy really bad.swimming in a pool helped it clear up faster.but not ure what it would do to your skin if used it everyday.but if it helps do for it
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i couldnt get any whitier.. hope it dont make me see thru.. Just teasing
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didn't micheal jackson use this type of bath to lighten his skin? :-)
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Bleach will kill them nasty bed bugs,or them crabs, (gas works better but is more expensive) but the Hep C virus just under your skin? Sure hope our skin don't let liquids in or we're all in trouble.
  Thats it... I caught this hep c virus from dead skin cells on a toilet seat. Should've soaked the ole bung hole in bleach,LOL heard it all now, till next time.

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Hi again, I am still alive! This is still highly experimental for me. To address some concerns. Yes, chemicals can be absorbed in the skin. Try washing your hands with baking soda, you can taste it in your mouth. I am still itch free and to the stage now (after 2 weeks of doing this twice a day) that I have cut the bleach amount down to 1/4 cup and the time down to 5 minutes soaking, no soap or or shampoo, then a hot water rinse in the shower and a brisk towel dry.  Wether or not this condition is from my Hep C, I feel better, more positive and smell lemony fresh. If you are tired of expensive creams and lotions and have a similar affliction, please try this. Peace! my heppas
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Pop....well, guess we can't rule it out, along with hearing about the pool helping, hot tubs being so full of chlorine. I rarely use any chemicals, so won't be trying it. Used to get a constant itch on my arms with no rash, reason, before tx. Don't know about the chemical getting into your system tho.

Charm....Im white! And its good for washing whites!.....
lol, I'm already TOO white, pale. I'm thinking of laying in some tan dye :)


Couple years ago my oldest son smoked pot (never drank...what the h*ll).....and had a drug test coming up, as he's on his way to the store he call's and mentions his roomates told him to drink some bleach to pass the test!!!!!!!  Thankfully , he called me first! I'm screaming 'you are NOT that stupid?!!'
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'you are NOT that stupid?!!' ..................and than said STOP smoking pot if you are!!
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Last checkup at the pain clinic they offered a script of marijauna.......is it better than opiates, can't drink......what to do?

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I would "google" dangers of chlorine and decide for yourself.  Everybody knows that it is poisonous beyond moderate dosages.  You can breath it, your skin actually is somewhat porous and you may also absorb some in that manner too.  It's hard on the lungs, is linked to cancer and is proably unhealthy in drinking water, bath water and in hot tubs.  Essentially, it's a poison that we put in out drinking water and wash water to kill and retard bacteria growth.  Your practice doesn't sound safe to me.  The long term effects may outshine any perceived short term benefits.


Not to change the topic..... but what is this bleeping "join this community" default checked box I now see when I post?  I definately don't find that helpful.  : (
I may have to start a rant about this.  (in the proper forum of course.  ; )  )

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"i couldnt get any whitier.. hope it dont make me see thru.. Just teasing"

now that was funny ...thanks for the laugh :)

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Thats it... I caught this hep c virus from dead skin cells on a toilet seat. Should've soaked the ole bung hole in bleach,LOL heard it all now, till next time. by Harry......................................

You guys are killing me here..rolling on the floor...needed a good laugh thanks

BTW - the bleach is probably destroying your nerve cells thus your itch can't itch...only my theory....
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crackin me up over here :)
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I liked the part about killing those hepC bugs just under the skin!

This goes to show everyone that there are some idiots out there and they
want you to believe everything that is written.
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Jeez, I am no expert, obviously. I only wanted to share an experience. Since I, and many other people will be infected with the Hep C virus and not respond to interferon for many years to come, giving a ray of hope can't be so bad.
I have read that Hep C and HIV can come out in hand sweat and tears as well as semen so wouldn't it seem logical to assume that if one would be sweating in a hot bath of slightly bleachy water that some (no matter how few) virii would be exterminated? Victory! If only a small one. By the way, I am still bathing in mildly bleachy hot water and I feel fine. I am clean without using soaps or shampoos.My skin has stopped crawling and my confidence is high. So beyond the humor/humour and digs at my intelligence I hope someone gets it.
Please do not use more than a half cup of bleach in a full bathtub, more is not better in this case. Thanks again, Dave
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My doc has forbidden baths.........he said it A) would be too drying to my skin and B) the warm water could elevate my BP?  Nobody else has been told this???  I've been DYING for an oatmeal bath to relieve those d*** viral bugs trying to crawl out!  LOL
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Hey thanks for your contribution, I hope you got a good laugh off of some of these posts I know, I did.  Hell people should thank you for the laugh if nothing else.  Anyways, you don't come across much positive information on your idea, but it's not a bad idea.  It's just an idea that you have to approach it very carefully.  Here ya' go, check out step 6 oh, they suggest a cup, I wouldn't go that crazy and if you have any open wounds just wait until you heal.  later

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yes let's all pour acid on our skin....heck whatsa little more pain....
knock knock knock kncok.........
fill in the blanks
Dave??  Dave's not here........
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Have you presented this to the drug companies, they maybe able to make a flavoured drink containing bleach and a once a day shoot of Javex along with your bathing to aradicate this thing. Thats what we need a new fresh smelling look at this old problem.

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