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Can i get infected in this situation?

I did a rough sex with a lady and i Injured her and some blood come out ,, little of the blood get on my Pubic which i shaved before 2 days ,, so can i get infected to any of stds like hepatitis c ?
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While hep c is not specifically considered to be an STD for those who who engage in rough sexual practices or have multiple sexual partners are at an increased risk of contracting hep c.

Hep c must enter the blood stream to be transmitted. The most common means of transmission is through the sharing of IV drug needles. If your wounds were open fresh wet weeping wounds there could be a risk of transmission. You said you shaved two days prior so you should not have open wounds from shaving two days ago.

With that being said I would be more concerned about the rough sex with random partners in general than the two day old shaving.

Your risk is because of the rough sex regardless of your shaving status.

For other blood borne illnesses you should ask in the related forum.
So , should i do test for hep c and other sti diseases after 3 months or not ?
If you feel you should then do so or ask your doctor for advice as to the advisability of testing.

I am not a medical professional and cannot offer medical advice. I am a patient who was infected with hepatitis c for about 37 years but am now cured.

The hepatitis c community is primarily a community of patients who are or were infected with hepatitis c to come together for support in dealing with hepatitis c infection and any post cure concerns. This is a support group. For medical advice as a medical professional.
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Would probably be simpler just to ask her about her health status
I ask her and she said that she is clean but it doesn’t seems that she care about her health so i am still wondering should i ask her to get tested on my expense
Up to you what ever you think is best
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