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Can it be Hepatitis?

3 months ago,(23 feb 2008), I had protected anal sex with my male friend but unprotected
oral which lasted only 3-5 seconds, he didn't ejaculate since I never let teh person do.
I was suffering from gingivitis (bleeding gums) but was treating it , and usually they don't
bleed unless u irritate them with a brush or press on the gum.

When I first woke up that night I had severe diarrehea

Anyways, after taht I felt very ****, and had this king of 'beat' feeling in my hips, similar
to a heartbeat in teh heart so got very worried then got a sore throat after a week
(lasted 2-3 days).with phlegm in my mouth.
I am not sure this is related but since then my stools are yellow, and sometimes
it feels I don't need to excrete even though my diet is the same.

Later I got a severe headache (never got a headcahe before), the phlegm (white/clear)
was still there, headache lasted 5 weeks, was prescribed as tension and went to my ears
which developes tinnitus dues to wax which I cleared using drops and syringing.

During teh headache I got a rash but developed while taking 'ibuprofen', the rash was on
my cheek, was not very big and lasted an hour then it was gone.

I also have a hazy/blurred vision, eye test showed nothing

Phlegm is still there, no cough but dizzy all the time, occasional headaches, depression,
insomnia and 9 weeks later I got weakness in my legs and joints and muscle aches and also
paresthesia which stared as cold toes, tehn tingling in fingers and toes then hands and legs.
Sometimes everywhere else even head (more like electric shocks).
Nausea comes and goes and losing appetite.

3 months on and...I still have:
Phlegm (white/clear) no couph or pain
yellow stools sometiems not formed, and gas also
paresthesia (fingers and hands mostly now , but comes and goes)
dizziness (or light head)
weakness in legs but all actions can be performed
hazy vision.

All symptoms don't prevent me from doing everyday work but I am alwasy depressed and worried
and my GP alwaasy tends to treat each symptom alone....

I will go and do an STD/STI test.


Can this be an HIV infection?
Can it be a combination of HIV/Hepatitis?
I am also worried about the phlegm since it is alwasy clear and they say it is due a viral infection on internet
can that be viral hepatitis?
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i would wait till the test came back before i would worry. there will always be a deep down concern until the test comes back. but take it a day at a time
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Did you find out what t was?? Going through the same thing. Please any answer
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Jim this post is 10 years old you should ask a new question so it will be seem. But if you are wondering about any symptoms you are having you should see your doctor.
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