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Can lack of insurance be detrimental to your health

Just  wondering if lack of insurance in america can be detrimental especially with Hep C
I live in England all my hospital care is under the national health service, a free service for the rich and poor of our country ( and one of the best). I know we pay taxes towards this service if we are in employment but everyone gets the service even if you have never worked or have no income. I know this is not medical question but would hate to imagine lack of money(Income) would make a difference to the treatment available especially in america
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An enormous problem in the US; it is getting worse and nothing is being done about. It is going to eventually break for most Americans. It is one of the reasons why lifespan in America is ranked at 40th in the world

A lack of health insurance can definately be detrimental to your health. Many people in this country without health insurance can't afford a doctor visit and thus let things go until they become major problems. The cost of prescription drugs is the highest of any country in the world.

The cost of health insurance in this country is rising at over 10% a year, so more and more people are going without it. At this rate of increase we will eventually end up with one good system for the rich and a lesser or non-exsistant one for everyone else.

Business, which traditionally pays for health insurance for employees, has been cutting back due to the rising costs. In the future they will shift all the increasing cost to the employee.
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American medical care is the best money can buy!--if you don't have money,don't get sick...We spend more per capita than any other country in the world,unfortunately <45 million American citizens have no   health care whatsoever. Our system is very profitable,noninclusive and incredibly expensive......what's wrong with this picture? low expenditures on preventative medicine(not profitable) high expenditures on end of life procedures(very profitable) and great waste of dollars on administrative costs/insurance&hmo profits...........Trained,expert medical professionals waste a great deal of time doing endless paperwork and trained,expert insurance professionals waste everyones time/money interfereing in the process of delivering healthcare--bottom line: a profit driven system that serves the health of corporate dividends
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One of the reasons I am a die hard Democrat.

America under the last administration worked so hard for not only healthcare reform but also education etc.  The FIRST thing our new president (little p) did was wipe out all of the great things they did and put money into the war against WMDs.  

Might as well have sent it to fight against those aliens as well - they were just as real huh?

Sad that something like education and healthcare weren't as important as that.  I guess it would get less news coverage but ooops aren't we making all of that up anyway?

A very sore point with me that my kids had to go without insurance for a long while...because I made "too much money" on employment.

But anyone can move to this country from anywhere else and immediately be given a welfare card with full benefits.  And then I got audited by the IRS and they want more tax money out of me?  Uh ok.  So now I have to spend $2500 RETAINER to prove that the IRS is WRONG and one paper was not filed correctly - they owe ME money.  

Let the senators etc have life long insurance coverage for their families at the best hospitals and never ever have to pay taxes again....and I'll keep paying for their limo's.  Seems right to me.
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Insurance is such a big problem here.  There are so many that are not insured and cannot pay for medical costs.  The treatment for Hepatitis C is not cheap, even if you get the meds thru a compassionate care program.  You still have to pay for the doctors and all the labs.  Thus, many do not treat.

My husband and I pay over $1100 per months for medical insurance, and it is quite good.  I figure that my Hep C is payback time to the insurance company for 20 years of perfect health.
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i figure i am not making tons of cash but in reality with my insurance am making a CEOs salary!

I think the treatment of Peg-Interferon/Riba is like $20,000 then you need to add in the things like Epogen (10 vials for $6,000 so that's only two times a week for five weeks leaving another 40 weeks or so of treatment? I figure totaly it's probably really like $36,000 because you dont need to be on it twice a week forever so roughly $36,000 - $40,000 PLUS Treatment is $60,000 PLUS things like Ambien...Paxill...Pain Killers...Xxanax...for another 48 weeks.  Then syringes and those things.

Treatment starts looking like really $100,000 instead of the $20,000 we are told it should be.

That is scary.
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I to am a die heart Democrat and agree with every thing you said in your post.  we are the only industrial country in the world with no national health Ins.  For years they tried to scare us into thinking that those National health Plans don't work and that you have to wait months to get care or treatment because you are put on a waiting list.  We just heard Missy from England say it's one of the best, every one is cover and best of all the ins. pays for all.

By the way I'm still feeling great since starting tx Sunday, I hope it stays this way.

Be well,

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political views should really be left out of this forum as it only encourages more rift. And i think we have enough of that here already.
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Well where i live we have two local hospitals that CAN'T refuse anybody, insurance or not. We also have health clinics that local doctors take turns staffing. The clinics are for the poor or uninsured. Never heard of any one here dying in a welfare line because of what you said.
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We were only making a point about the health care in this country vs countries like England.  It was relevant to what we were talking about and I did not mean it to sound political, no offense meant.


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Wow for you you see it is doable!  I told you that it would be see!  :)

Don't mean to be political here but we are debating the issue of Government Healthcare and lack of in the USA.  England's system sounds phenomenal...after hearing how they cared for some one in here's sister when she was there and indigent and even FLEW her back home here ... if that was the USA you have to realize she would have died on line at the welfare office after being told sorry you make too much money with minimum wage.

Until our government cares more of the LOWER 98% of the country...it's never going to change.  

I would have been a great hippy I'm mad I missed by only a few short years ;-)

No offense meant or anything but I thought it was relevant to the topic at hand.
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I had a very severe accident last year and almost died. I spent a week in ICU.  I was working but a week SHORT from getting my insurance benefits. As such and because I had had UNEMPLOYMENT before that (too much too much money to qualify for Medicaid) I incurred a $48,000 bill that I am forced to pay off until my death.

So..while you cannot be REFUSED treatment - you can lose everything that you have worked for in your life due to the lack of insurance in this country.  Iam faithfully paying them off every week BUT it is now on my credit statement I am sure.  It is outstanding debt.

Regardless of WHICH politcal party you belong I would assume that EVERYONE would think you are entitled to good affordable health care?  

This isn't as much a political thing as a social view I suppose.

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Ok then enlighten me on Englands health care that you are so happy about. I would like to know more it then they flew somebody home. Plus who pays for all these perks? And why do so many come to the good ole usa for health care? That their countrys can't supply? I bet you would be the first one screaming when your taxes went sky high to pay for it all.
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Only the top 2 or 3 percent of the wealthiest Americans can expect top-shelf medical care. For the rest, second- and third-rate care--including being sold prescriptions and procedures they don
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Prescription drugs and hospital stays cost more for than those that have insurance. Insurance companies make deals with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies reducing cost for members.

Hospitals now sell off their liabilities to collection agencies who then go after people's homes or whatever assets they may have, like a bunch of vultures.

The republican bankructcy bill makes it easier to pitch the poor and elderly out of their homes, if they were unfortunate enough to have an accident or become ill.

A retiree must save an additional $160,000 to pay for health insurance premiums during retirement.

Real nice system

Public Health is infastructure and needs to availiable to all, without the loss of everything you own.

You really cannot see the major problems with the current system?

The richest country in the world cannot afford take of its own?

No doubt the system will break with premiums rising at >10% a year, people will then demand a different more equitable system.
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You say.......Those on medicare and many who have insurance cannot take advantage of transplantion programs. Thus they die.

Thats odd, i know someone who had a liver transplant that was on medicare and all it cost them was their hospital co-pay. If only you knew as much as you thought you knew.
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medicare hospitals co-pay is around 100 dollars, look it up know it all
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sorry, the hospital co-pay ia around 1000 dollars
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Hello all,
          Beagle Bailey Im sure happy to hear your doing o.k.Im sure thankful I hold a job with medical insurance!Ive seen many elderly folks around here have to relly struggle to buy thier meds.After reading some of those medical cost nunbers Ill be sure to hang on my job. As for this imposter, its a shame he has to bother this forum. Must have alotta time on thier hands!

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Wow really, I know of 5 people who have not the funds for a transplant. One went as far as transferring all their assets and getting below the 15 K a year ceiling to be eligible for Medicade. Where is this wonderful hospital?
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do you know the differnce between medicare and medicade
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Of course, I even know the difference between plan a and b. Of course you would know that plan B only covers 80% of anti-rejections meds. Please don't get so stressed out, is not good for your liver if it is impacted from the rigors of HCV. Relax and enjoy the day.

Regardless, those who have NO insurance and fall between the carks, well go without. That is reality. Most who have private medical insurance should check for caps on transplantation and med costs. It takes many bake sales to come up with $100K or $4 or $5K a month for medications.
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This is a rhetorical ploy that involves making a true but misleading statement. Most people have trouble with reasoning involving conditional probabilities and you may think your little ploy takes advantage of it.  Exactly how much was the co pay? More than 100 thousand? Did they have the money sitting in an account.

Your post is just anothoer bad example od the right wing 2 step. so prevelant in the US. Another example which I've seen repeatedly involves dishonest attempts to exaggerate the prevalence of syphilis among gay men; the perpetrators aren't up front about the fact that the "sample" in which 35% or so had syphilis consisted entirely of patients at STD clinics.

The fact is most people on Medicare are under 65 years of age and if they have liver disease, the probality that they lack any form of asset to pay a co pay from a transplant is far more reasonable than your shill attempt to defend a system that deosn't work.

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Thanks for asking how I feel.  Yes ins. is so important and some thing has to be done in this country before it is to late. Ignore who ever that is, it's not worth the energy. From what I hear MH International is taking care of this problem with the imposter.

How are you doing?

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"Only the top 2 or 3 percent of the wealthiest Americans can expect top-shelf medical care."

I don't dine with Bill Gates  - and the Queen hasn't been calling me lately either :( - still I am pefectly happy with my health care. If you choose to call it second tier, fine, just please don't take it away. Many citizens of the world couldn't fathom the choices and quality of care I get.

Sure we in the US have our social problems, there are under-insured, under-educated, etc. It pains me to see people go without. But don't tell me I don't have good health care because I'm not in some arbitrary 3% margin. Simply untrue.

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