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Can your hep C virus come back once you been treated

I was treated with Harvoni and it was successful 2013
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The primary way to become hep positive it through becoming reinfected an entirely new infection. This would happen for those who continue with risk taking practices like using IV drugs and sharing needles.

Having previously treated and cured hep c does not afford any future immunity.

A true late relapse long after successful treatment with the new DAA’s is while not unheard of is exceedingly rare.

One indication of either a true relapse or an entirely new infection would be a return to having elevated liver enzymes with no other known cause for this to occur.
What flyinlynn said is exactly correct. I got cured in 2014 after 37 years of infection. I was left with cirrhosis. I want to share something my HepC doc shared with me when I went in to get on a liver transplant list. He said I wasn't sick enough to be on that list and said it was so sad that they're curing all these patients, but they can't seem to let go of the disease, just like me. I wondered if I needed to tell the new guy I was dating about my past infection. He said no, because I no longer have it and there's no way I can transmit it to anyone. He said the only way I could have HepC now is if I got re-infected.

That said, I would be concerned about what your lab result shows, but since none of us are doctors I would strongly urge you to make them tell you what it means. Good luck and I hope everyone can take heart from what my doctor said! We are the dragon slayers!!

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The reason I ask is that I have fatty liver and they have done a lot of blood test and fiborscan  and they said it all was normal but now just got a letter for Quantasure and the letter said HCV Infection B19. 20 very scare
Can you enter your exact results? No idea what B19.20 means. Have you spoken with your doctor? What have they said about your results?

Also having a fatty liver will not cause hep c to return
If you had an antibody test we who have had hep c will  always test positive for hepatitis C antibodies.

There is no reason to have an antibody test we know what the results will be.

While they should never test us for antibodies as it is a waste of time maybe they did test you for antibodies and not the HCV RNA by PCR test which looks for the hep c virus itself. Only the HCV RNA test should be used to determine if we have had a relapse of hep c
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I did find B19.20 is a diagnostic code used in medical billing it means “Unspecified viral hepatitis C without hepatic coma.“

Still no idea what this means in context of your situation without seeing your labs slip
What exactly does the letter say?
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