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Capitation-or denial of care


I asked my GI today about a news story I posted the other day. He told me that the Muir group wants him and all GI
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I'm on Kaiser (of Southern Cal, which is administered separately from the Kaiser up by you, but still the same outfit) and have found, despite so many people's complaints about them, that I've received every test I've ever asked for, at least regarding my other problems, which are diabetes and cutaneous scleroderma.  Sometimes I've had to push them a bit, but I've even had my dermatologist "slip in" a little cosmetic work by finding a medical excuse for it.  I've been a Kaiser patient for a quarter of a century, and yes, sometimes I've had to request a procedure several times before they caved in, but they have always caved in.  I'm told that Kaiser is run differently than any other HMO in that their doctors are salaried and therefore find no advantage in denying care because their paychecks remain the same.  However, I know about the transplant scandal in their Northern Cal operation, so maybe it's different where you live.

In the end, though, what we really need is a national health system like Canada's and hopefully, when we get rid of Bush, maybe our next government will do something about this country's scandalous health care system.  

Hope you're feeling well and receiving the care you need.

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Boy, that's just what I needed for a good laugh this morning!!! Canada? Ohhhh please, not the model we need to follow!!
Here's a little reading material.
<a href="http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2005/3/21/101350.shtml">Canadian healthcare</a>

If your interested, you can find numerous other articles just like this about the long waits for treatment, and the scarcity of Dr's..
The people of Canada are taxed somewhere in the range of 50% of their yearly income to pay for their system.. Their system isn't free, or socialized, YOU pay!! I pay enough in taxes right now for our current system, and the solution sure isn't to increase taxes, we need to make people answer for the current mismanagment of funds.

Just throwing my couple cents out there! LOL
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all the countries in europe?
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In Sweden, most folks ride bycicles, even in inclement weather, so, they stay fit and keep the air clean at the same time. THey utilize public transportation often also.  This is the country many here keep quoting in studies...they must be doing something right.  Except, they have a high incidence of suicide in a particular age group, go figure.
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Yes, and if you read the whole link that snook put on his post, the World Health Organization rated Europe as # 1 in health care.

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I wonder how the weather is in Sweden?  As there is a high suicide rate in Seattle, Wash because of the weather there.  It's alway raining or cloudy there and they have a high rate of SAD that leads to suicide.

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