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Carrying Pegasys prefilled syringes without refrigiration

I am supposed to be on the road with no refrigiration for about 24 hours. I am using Pegasys prefilled syringes, anyone knows what to do ? How long can the prefilled syringes stay out of refrigarator ?
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I used the prefilled syringes - and a blue ice bag on a few long term trips out.

As long as they stay COOL - not frozen - they will be alright.

Just FYI usually the company that makes PEGASYS - offers and provides you a special "lunch" type box or bag with a "blue gel or clear gel" packet - and if you freeze that - it will keep it cold for about 10 hours in that lunch bag --- I used a literal BLUE ICE brand pack --- in that thermal bag - and it was fine for 24 hours.

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Just thought of something else, as you are only traveling for 24 hours, a thermo bag with a blue ice pack might be enough.
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I think it would be wise to buy one of those small cooler bags. Then you'll be sure.

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