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I am patient of hepatitus C.I am getting treatment of uniferon 3miu (alternate day) and ribazole 500mg (1000mg/day).I would ike to know that what is a ciggrette is directly harmfull to liver specially when you are patient of hep C.
waiting for your reply.
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Hi,,,Cigarettes are not great for the liver.  Alot of people do continue to smoke during tx but they are not good for the liver but of course alot of what we eat and medications are not good either so you have to decide on this.  Good Luck with your treatment..
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My thoughts:

We know that cigarette smoking is very bad for our health....But my to answer your question, yes they are bad, think of all the different chemicals that your liver has to process because of smoking...many of those chemicals at toxic....

Here is a list of the chemicals that comes with the smoke of a cigarette...

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Vinyl Chloride



Other Toxic Agents:

Carbon Monoxide

Hydrogen Cyanide



Nitrogen oxides



Nitric acid


Hydrogen cyanide







1,3-Butadiene, mg

Nitrous acid



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Hello everyone,
     Well, I'm into the first month, only 10 more to go!!  I'm sorry to butt into this thread but I am wondering about coloring your hair? I have read that while on tx you should not color the hair. I can only assume it's because of the chemicals involved. My question is, is there any other reasons and does it make a difference if you are going to a salon rather than using the products right from the store. I've heard that the store brands are harsher, anyone have any answers for me. If I can't color my hair I'm going to be completely gray by the time this is over. I'm too young to be so gray!!! Hope you all are hanging in there and being good to yourselves.
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wow - I didn't even think of the effects tx could have on coloring hair!!!  I have been covering the grey and getting highlights for many years, and I just did usual color thing done 9 weeks into tx, it came out fine...  I do notice my hair is straighter than usual, so don't know what will happen farther down the road.  I definately agree with Chevygal, we have to keep up appearances so we can still look at ourselves in the mirror, (although some days I'm a bit scared to), and so that poeple don't run the other way when they see us  :-).
Honestly, hang in there and do whatever you can to make yourself feel and look good on this tx.....you deserve it, as do we all!!!!
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Thanks for the comments....I was nervous about getting it done but not now. My sister owns her salon so I can talk to her about what's going on which makes it so much easier. I just know that if I couldn't color I would not come out of the house, LOL I'll let you know how it comes out....thanks!!!
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