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Co infection with HIV? Window period of Hepatitis C.

Hey all..
I want to know about the window period of Hepatitis C. Some say 6 months some say 3 months and some say 14 weeks.
Can you Guys tell me when to test after the last exposure.
I am very depressed. You guys know how does it feel like when you are waiting to get tested.
My exposure was unprotected anal sex with a CSW After 3 WEEKS FROM THE EXPOSURE  I AM GETTING LOOSE STOOL AND VERY MILD DISCOMFORT IN STOMACH. Loose stool specially in the morning. Urgency of loose stool wakes me early in morning. I don't have frequent urge of bowl movements. And stool is not watery. it's only loose.
And I got tested for hiv and hepatitis B and C at 6 weeks all negative.
I know it's not hepatitis B fourm but it would be a lot helpful if you guys can tell about Hepatitis B Window period too.
As my hiv test was negative can I trust my hepatitis C test result.  Can Co infection with hiv delay hepatitis C Window period??
I am confused please help me I am scared to death.
Results were as follows... .

Anti-HCV, Anti Hepatitis C Virus, Serum by CMIA
Australia Antigen HBsAg - NEGATIVE

Please guys help me I will never ever have unprotected sex again. I regret that every day..  And I can't sleep at night sometimes. I live in India in a poor family. I just lost my life. I am 22 years old male. And Is there any cure for hepatitis C?
Please guys suggest me what to do next. Sorry for my English.
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Hey there!  I think everyone has an opinion on the length of time.  For a long while it was six months.  More recently the lesser times have been suggested.  It also depends on in what context it is being discussed.  i.e. after treating HCV many doctors are going with 3 months while other doctors are saying 6 months. It sounds like you are doing well.  When I treated it was six months but I have seen people on the newer drugs being considered cured at 3 months.
All I would do is to get checked at 6 months and then you know for certain.
That is just what I would want done.  You should go by your own doctors recommendation.  You would not be experiencing symptoms so early  Many of us had it for 20 or 30 years before we found out.
Take Care, Dee
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Hi. The window period after exposure to Hep B is 45-150 days according to the Cleveland Clinic, a reputable source of information.

Hep C's incubation period is between 2 and 24 weeks, although the average is to nine to eleven weeks.

In HIV, after 2-8 weeks post exposure, most people will have enough antibodies to test positive. Twelve weeks after infection, about 97% of people will have enough antibodies to test positive.

Infection with HIV or in a disease that lowers a person's immune system, it can take longer for antibodies to develop, at least for hep C.  I do not know if that holds true for hep B.

Yes, there is a cure for hepatitis C for 90% of patients with genotype 1. Unfortunately there is no cure for Hep B or HIV. With hep B, you are old enough that the liklihood of chronic hep B is only 10%. I am glad you learned your lesson and will not put yourself at risk again. Personally, I would test at 6 months for all of these viruses. I know that is not what you want to hear, but to be absolutely certain, 6 month testing is recommended.

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I totally agree with AWM's information and advice.  Do the ALL the tests at 6 months AFTEr the exposure dare, and be very careful of your behavior in future, both for your own sake and for your family who would be so worried about you AND for the sake of your partner.


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P. S.  your English was fine!  : -)
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Thanks a lot guys..
I will have to wait a long time with the fear of hepatitis.. I feel like crying very day..
I can't eat anything.. I am living in hell.
I wish if I could undo.. But it's not possible..
Very long window period.. It's going to be very hard for me.. You guys are really doing very Nobel work here..
God bless you all..
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Ok, Scared, take a deep breath. There is absolutely no reason to be scared for a couple of reasons. Number 1, it takes many years for the damage of hepatitis C to become serious. Number 2, there are easy medications available that cure the disease. They are available or soon to be available in India. Number 3, while hep C can be a very serious disease and result in death for some people, the majority of people live a lifetime with no serious consequences. Please try to relax and remember to breathe. You are going to be fine as long as you do not repeat the risky behavior that got you here.
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