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Colloidal Silver

Has anyone tried this to help with their Hepititis C
I an getting ready to start the interfrgen treatment one shot a day for 12 weeks then down to 3 a week with coapegen>
Not to sure of some of this spelling but hopfully you get the Idea.

But mainly looking to see if anyone has tried the Colloidal Silver and if so what was their results.

Thank you
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I looked into it when I first found out, but wasn't convinced it could help. In fact, I believe it can cause skin discoloration (bluish), and my doc (who is very open minded) advised me against it.
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quack medicine it is called by some. it offers only testimonials and anecdotal evidence. No bloodwork or studies to document their claims.

why infergen? your second try? please share your stats.
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So about how long you have had HepC, how can one know really how long they have had it. I said 12 years, cause that is when it was found in a blood test. But, i did also have a blood transfusion when i was born, i was a rh factor baby. I have been exposed to every possible way of getting Hep C (tattoos, piercings, IV drug use, and blood transfusion) just don't know which one was really the cause. That leaves me wondering, how is a girl supposed to know when you do crazy things in your younger years. Therefore, i just go with the year at which we first noticed it.
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Wow. That does pose some questions. That does change your cirumstances.... I'd still do a lot of further testing - to try to find out if youre disease is progressing. I'm thinking of taking another biopsy in the coming year, some other tests, to see if there is progression, etc. There are some of us, prob because of a variety of reasons, that just don't have a very progressive disease status, at least for now. This board doesn't have a huge amount of members, so you can't get a good cross section feel for how the disease plays out in a variety of people. Janis does have many more people there, and there are more than a few like me, who've had it a long time and still have low liver damage. I just don't know how I would call it in your case, I'd still do plenty of investigating, youre still a 0-1. But you might still "consider" treating, like I said, I dont know all your circumstances, only you do. This decision will be totally up to you after you do all our testing and investigating.

Hopefully, youre following an exceptionally healthy lifestyle now, the food we eat is very important, it's an element that your liver has to deal with constantly. Plenty of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, water, if you eat meat, low fat and not too often. Often, if youre liver is fighting off a disease, it needs as many nutrients as it can get, like the rest of your body. If I were you, and of course I'm not, I'd also look into a good vitamin herb regimen to help out with the nutrients factor, and the oxidative stress. This is also controversial with many, but I usually see the people who are really adamently against these regimens haven't ever taken them themselves or don't know much about them, or maybe had a bad experience because they didn't know much about them beforehand. Exercise, meditate, be MS. Healthy! whatever you decide to to do. Be well.
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Colloidal Silver has been offered as a quack remedy for countless conditions.
It is a nasty, toxic,medicine show rip off-don't even thimk about it!
If you do want to know more there used to be a page on the Quackwatch site.
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Sorry, never tried it...I'm afraid I'd have to get a giant tub of Tarnex and soak myself at the same time...
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