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Compensated Liver disease?

Could you please explain the definition of "compensated liver disease".

Thank You!
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Compensated liver disease as explained to me by my doctor ( I have chronic liver cirrohsis - 7 yrs now and I am still in the "compensated stage" but begining to see symptoms of "de compensation"), is the stablized stage of liver disease which usually lasts about 3-10 yrs.  Then comes "de compensation or "end stage" of the condition and I guess you can tell what that means.  De-compensation usually averages about 2-3yrs.
Hope that helps and good luck!!

Oh, here is a good link to read more about liver disease if you like.
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Same question I had for the hepatogists just yesterday!

My husband has 'compensated' liver cirrhosis as well, and the hepatologist explained the use of the term 'compensated' as the ABSENCE of the following:  (1) ascites (fluid build-up); (2) encephalopathy (confusion due to ammonia accumulation); (3) jaundice; and/or (4) esophageal varices (bleeding).  A compensated liver can still perform its necessary functions -- "decompensation" indicates decreasing liver function.  

Glad your question was the "compensated" one!  Best wishes.

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What will be the treatment plan for someone with Genotype III-b Hepatitis C with oesophageal varices (band ligation done), history of hepatic encephalopathy & moderately raised liver enzymes & ammonia level. He also has undergone CABG & Renal artery stenting 6 years back & he is a known case of diabetes ?
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