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Copyman is happy to report NO more copies of virons

Just got my 6 month results back using the most sensitive test available.......

NGI UltraQual : "Negative,HCV RNA Not Detected"

NGI HCV QuantaSure : "Less then 2 IU/ml, Unable to calculate result since non-numeric result obtained for component test"

For anyone that don't know and especially any newbies I was in a study for one of the new drugs coming out soon called Telaprevir. If you can wait about a year there is a very good chance you will see the same results as I did. This stuff really works.

God bless everyone and Happy New Year
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Congratulations!!!  Great news for you & I am very glad for you.

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Fantastic news.....congratulations!
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congratulations on your new freedom
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You have been a great writer on this forum...
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What a great way to begin the year with - SVR!! Congratulations!!!
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Way to go, copyman - congratulations!!!!  Great to hear about your SVR!
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Congratulations!  That is fantastic news.
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that is great news.  just finished my 48 weeks with telaprevir in the mix and so far everyone who was one it has been svr, that i know of.  this is good news for you and a great indicator for me.
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Looks like you made the right decision by stopping early.  Congratulations!  Telaprevir rocks and I got my SVR using it too.  It sure is a wonderful feeling and now you can get on with your life and put this behind you.
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You helped me tremendously when I needed it - and have been consistently helpful to others on this forum as well. That's huge!
This couldn't happen to a better guy. I am SO happy for you.
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Congratulations!  So happy for you, great for you and an encouragement to the rest of us still battling.
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CONGRATS!!!  And also many thanks for your great contributions to this forum.
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Great news!!! Here's to your new lease on life,,,,enjoy!!

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Delightful news; congratulations.  It's really over now; so glad for you.
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Welcome to the club....SVR....Teriffic

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Congratulations on your SVR.  I'm very pleased for you that you found your silver bullet.

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Such wonderful news!

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All the best!!!

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Congratulations on your wonderful news!!
Stay well,
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Congratulations !!

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Thank you all for the kind words. This great news really didn't sink in until I just read the nice things you all said. I'm not much of one to cry but you peeps have done it to me.

I sit here with tears in my eyes realizing this chapter in my life may finally be over.

I also sit here thinking of some members on this forum that may have deserved this more then me. The ones that have tx'd several times or have cirrhosis. They are the ones that really deserve this. They keep fighting and still come back here to help others. I pray that you and everyone with HCV attains SVR someday.

The last thing I have to say is thanks to all of you for being here during the last few years.  You were basically my support system. I told no one except my wife so you were like my family. You put up with my antics and sarcasm at times, sorry to anyone I insulted. I hope I made up for it with the many people I helped along the way.

Thanks again and may God bless you all

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Late to the party I know, but I just logged on and I'm thrilled to read your wonderful news.  Congratulations and all the best going forward - virus free!

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YAY for YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Study Buddy....I'm with you...even tho I was in the placebo arm...I am so thankful to Vertex.

Congrats on SVR!!!!!!!!

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