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Coughing solution for my husband

I told many of you that my husband was coughing a day or two (really bad) after his injection.
When we went to the hospital the ER doctor told him that if he takes a half or whole vicodin  the coughing will stop.
He injects himself on Friday nights and Saturday nights he has coughed all night and the next day.

For the past 3 weeks on Saturday night (when his coughing starts up) he takes a half of a vicodin.
(He's not one to medicate, and hates the idea but it beats coughing for two days)  He only does this once per week.

While I'm not advocating abuse of perscriptions drugs, this has been an amazing solution.
just thought I would share.

Has anyone heard of this before?  Maybe I'm stating the obvious LOL
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thank you the Big X, much obliged! hope youre well!
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Tessalon Pearls.
Works great for a dry hacking cough.
If you have a productive cough Hycotuss expectorant is excellent.
(Contains hydrocodone though)  
Mucinex (expectorant) is supposed to be good too and it's OTC.
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I'm allergic to opiates...oh well, lol....the NP did tell me they have "a pearl" they could give me for bad riba throat, but I don't know what that is yet....
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In my case, cough stops as soon as I start chewing gum.
Weird, but it works
10 minutes of gum chewing gives me 2-3 hours of calm
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I as given Organidin  NR liquid- stops the cough in a second , I wake up coughing every morn and cant stop. I dont smoke either.. Works like a charm!
The  cough is from the Riba.

Feel better.
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All opiates/opioids are cough supressants. Promethazine cough syrup can be compounded with either hydrocodone or codeine. Taking an occasional Vicodin while on treatment is not drug abuse.
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There is a coughing solution called PROMETH

It's about the same thing in a syrup solution - and it worked like heck for me.
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