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Cured after 43 years :S/O 12 weeks

I am soooooooooo happy and greatful  I am cured !!!!!

12 week EOT SVR

undetected yeah!!!

after having the virus for 43 years, was 1B/ stage 3/naive

hopefully everyone will cure with one of these new combos, very doable, biggest side effect was very fatigued so I slept allot

i also have auto immune  primary Bilary cirhosis   ( high AMA mittachonrial )

or something else

my eosinophils are very very high 25.9(2.00)

not sure why , anybody else with this ???

good luck to everyone !!!

xoxox candy
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Congratulations on clearing the virus.
It must feel like a giant black cloud has been lifted from your life.
As far as labs and EOT labs it is going to take a while for the values on your CBC to rebound. Actually mine got worse even though I was off the HCV meds and the rescue meds but than improved. Everyone on here told me that it would take a while for things to go back to normal and they were right (errr actually my hair is still trying to grow back)

Anyway best of luck I wish you happy healing as you move onto the next chapter of your life :)  :)
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Thank you idyllic
I am so happy
And hopefully the EOS will return to normal soon too!!
Xoxo Ch
Ps I hope your hair starts to grow soon too
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Yayayayayayay!!!!!! This is such great news! Another dragon bites the dust! Congratulations! I was telling a friend, I wish I could have my 25 year old's liver back! I have lived with this so long, not knowing I had it until last year, it will be interesting to see how I feel now! This was the first weekend I did "normal" stuff all weekend, and it exhausted me. My hair is still falling out, and showing no sign of growng back, but I really don't care, just so happy to be SVR12 also!
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Wonderful news! Congratulations! Enjoy your new Hep C free life.
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GRRRRRRREAT!  I love to see post like this one, it gives so much hope to so many. Nice very nice...
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SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I'm new to board, but felt so filled with joy when I saw your post, had to comment :)
Just yay o yay!!! What a blessing......Enjoy! Randy
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I'm so happy for you- congratulations. Your post gives me hope that the S/O will work for me too!
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Wonderful news!  That is the best possible outcome.

Congratulations!  You did it!

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OK girl, what can I say?   WhooooHooooo. Great news indeed.  So very happy for you!!!!!!!!   Welcome to your new life after 43 years.      WOW!

My eosinophils  #s were also elevated.   My doc said no worries.   Hope that's also the case for you,.

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Congratulations! You must feel a great weight lifted off of you. I am 5 days from my 12 week labs and am also 1b with cirrhosis. You give me and others hope! Thanks!
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Congratulations am so very happy for u
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Thank you all soooooooooooo much for the good wishes

I hope everyone is cured soon !!!

Xoxo ch
Thank you Kim, I hope my EOS come down soon too!
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Yay!  Congratulations!  What wonderful news!  Give your body time to recover and enjoy learning to live without the dragon.  You give me hope!
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Very good to hear. Congrats!!!!
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I am Thrilled to hear this news!


Now, on to life's new adventures

All the best

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Thank you so much Linda , I am thrilled but shocked after 43 years

But I think the meds are getting better and better, soon even shorter
treatments and gentler,

I think very soon no one will have hep c anymore
Xoxo candy
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After 43 years...wonderful news...wow...fantastic!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Jo
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Happy recovery!
I am so glad you were able to beat it!
I have been undetected since week 8 and the doctor is suggesting possibly prolonging my treatment on sovaldi/oysio .....so that we make sure it does not come back and of course if the insurance approves this....
I am not 100% sure I want to....since I don't know what long-term side effects if any.... this combo might have in the future.....My BP was jumpinh up and down very strangely recently and I am bout to finish next week....
I have had HEPC for 27 years and was treated with interfreon in the past and have had issues after that treatment for many years.....not sure I want ot extend anything....
were your undetected at week 4? or later?
Just trying to see if I need more treatment or I should be happy at what has been achieved so far....

Thank you
Appreciate any INPUT FROM ANYBODY who has extended the treatment to 24 weeks.....
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I was and everyone is undetected on Sovald , doesn't matter when during tx

What matters is when you stop it can come back, relapse
If your md says do 24 and insurance pays in would do it if I were you
I only did 12 cause I am stage 2/3 and 1b and treatment naive

But I have seen other people relapse who were either 1a or cirrhotic or treated before
So if you are any of those and you can get it paid for then my suggestion would be to stay on treatment to be sure

That's prob why your md is suggesting that, why don't you ask him reason why he is suggesting that
Good luck
Xox candy
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Yay Candyce!  It’s especially heartening for me to see you’ve SVRed as we share a few of the same conditions.  I’m so happy for you and hope that this, in time, will alleviate your other health issues.

As you know, I (have)had the eos issue too but hope I’ve put it to bed now, assuming I SVR.  I’ve done a lot of research regarding this one blood marker since it’s plagued me and no one could ever tell me why.  

First, I’d say that because you are only 3 months out, there is a good chance your body is adjusting to life without HCV (YAY).  And since Livelife had a high result after treatment (never having had an issue before), it seems possible that it may be a normal body response.  In the meantime, you may want to test for parasites or a hidden allergy as these are the most likely culprits.  And since you already know you have food allergies, ask yourself if you are really compliant and not eating anything that is a known allergen to you.    Good luck!  

Please update with any new info and enjoy your newest diagnosis:  CURED!
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Ithank you V for the well wishes
I am beyond thrilled

I am having a senior moment or brain fog but I don't remember your EOS
Please please tell me a again, as I am totally freaked out about it
And also what did we say about allergies, I am allergic to allot
I have never had such high EOS  25/something weird going on in my body, started during tx and then just kept climbing
Also high ESR , high anti mittachondrial , don't know what's connected to what
Going to see Md. Friday hopefully he knows something

I think. I maybe having allergic hypersensitivity to my asthma inhalers advair,
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I knew you were going for your 12 soon, and I'm SO GLAD for you!!!! Yes!!!! Seeing this gives us hope, and with all you've been through, I'm sure you're walking on air!!!! I'm still feeling really lousy and this Wed will be my 4th week EOT viral load. When I hear about you and all the other SVRs I've been seeing...It gives me such hope. Thanks for posting and hooray for you!!!!!!
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Hi Candy,

Here are the two threads which I discussed my EOS and food allergy issues and you mentioned yours.  



What does your doctor say about the EOS?  Like I asked before, please do update me when you get new info.  Best of luck, V.
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less than a minute
To: Verdugo
Thanks V, now I remember ( boy am I out of it
Well my EOS are now 25
Higher than ever
I cleared HCV and am hep c free
But they keep climbing

Seeing primary md tomorrow and hepatologist Friday

I do have asthma and allergies, I read that a very rare side effect of my inhaler advair can cause high EOS

So rone on another hep c line also mentioned to me there is a relationship between high EOS and herd/acid reflux, so I I'll look into that too !

So your are normal now though yes?
Xo ch
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