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I have it, is it right to put off treatment for 4 months? The test positive and told DR I COULD HAVE HAD IT SINCE WAS 18,  I'M NOW 62...ANY FEEDBACK W/EXPERIENCE?
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I was infected with hep c for 37 years. I was probably infected in 1977 and found out I was in 1990. I treated with what was available at the time on three severer attempts as new treatments became available but with no luck. The old treatments were only about 30% effective for those with genotype 1a hep c which was the most common ant the type I had.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. About 20% of patients who have hep c for 20 years will develop cirrhosis. In 2008 I was likely infected for 30 years.

In 2014 the new generation meds started being approved. New medicines are highly effective and much better tolerated than the treatments that I experience back in the day. I was finally cured of hep C in 2015.

Hepatitis C he’s a very slow acting illness it takes decades if ever to cause serious liver damage but it can which is why it’s important to treat.

Long story short and to answer your question, you’ve had hep c for a very long time a couple of months won’t make any difference even if you have liver damage now. But the sooner you do get treated you won’t have to worry about carrying a blood borne illness that you could potentially give to others. The important thing is to not share personal items that could have blood on them like fingernail clippers, razors or toothbrushes. Household transmission is rare. It is safe to share drinking glasses and eating utensils. It is safe to kiss your loved ones. For long-term monogamous couples it is very rare to practically nonexistent for transmission to occur. There are many examples of long-term married couples were one has hepatitis C and the other does not.

Best of luck
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My story is very similar.

Going in this week to have MRI.  Checking out treatment over the last 2 yrs on HCC.
Are you saying you have HCC aka heptocellular carcinoma (liver cancer)?

That would be your major concern. Are you on the transplant list?
Yeah I was probable 20 when I contracted hep C. Diagnosed with hep c at 32. Diagnosed with cirrhosis at 50. Cured of hep C at 57. Been living with cirrhosis now for 13 years. I’m 63
Yes HCC diagnosed late 2019.

Treated 3x and moving toward listing.  It will take months to get exception pts.

Hope well.
Hi Somuchmore

My bad I thought you were the OP didn’t notice your name in your posts.

You are cured of hep c right?

Best of luck to you

Cured HepC with Harvoni in 2015.  HCC  treated 3 times since 2019.

Hit the Transplant list today.  However, could stay listed for months or years.
I had some concerning areas on last years ultrasound so now doing ct scans every 6 months something about LIRAD  3, indeterminate for HCC. Will be having another ct scan in January hoping for no changes from last year
I understand.  My treated areas are LI-RAD 5’s.  Other areas all holding at LI-RAD 3’s.  

I am now on a scan every 3 months…
Hope and pray your scans go well and stay in the LI-RAD 3 range.  They do have treatments if they find an HCC.  I think SBRT CK is the best treatment.
Thanks my dr thinks what the scans are picking up could be regenerative nodules from the liver trying to repair itself so hopefully that’s all it is.

Best of luck to you
Thanks my dr thinks what the scans are picking up could be regenerative nodules from the liver trying to repair itself so hopefully that’s all it is.

Best of luck to you

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