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Dark Circles under my eyes

I recently went to the doctor to get a, what I thought was routine, check up. All my labs except one came back perfect. The nurse said one came back that Hep C had definately been introduced to my body, but that's all that she could tell me. And that I may have a 10% to15% chance that my body fought it off, and I should come in to get more testing. I usually fight with a low iron count around 3 to 5, and have had a couple of transfusions, because of child birth and a past surgery (i'm guessing b/c that's the only times I've struggled with it) but my iron count was a 13. I've heard that Hepatitis will push your iron count up. I've cut a lot of **** out of my diet, and I feel really good, except that under my eyes are dark. Really dark. I look like i've got a broke nose. they've gradually gotten darker. Is this a sign of Hep C? I have no other obvious signs or other bruising. My abdomen, under my right breast, is tender sometimes. Not everyday though. I'm going to go to the doc again soon, but I've been trying to recover from Alcohol, and some IV drug use (almost 7 months) and I moved too far away from my old doc. I didn't want news that might upset my sanity or progress right now. I've got my life back on track again, and I'm ready now. So advice anyone? I really don't understand the dark circles. I sleep fine after I'm out.
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Have they done the PCR test yet to confirm that the first is correct? That is the only way to know if the hep  c is active or chronic as the test was done just indicates that your body has made the antibodies. There are many posts in the newly diagnosed area that will explain this.

I would think that the dark circles are more a product of the alcohol and IV drug use and how that is affecting your sleep. I know that my dark circles are because I am suffering insomnia as a result of the treatment and my sleep is off. I don't get a good night sleep and I am fatigued to the point of not being able to move off the couch at times...but resting isn't sleeping.

I have low iron and ferritine levels but that was something I was dealing with pre hep c diagnosis. I had to do six months of iron supplements prior to tx. It is hard to say, having low iron, chronic depression pre diagnosis what was causing some of the issues I was experiencing. Hopefully I clear the virus and can eliminate one of the possible causes. (at week 12 I am UD)

It's hard to say what (if any) stage you are at and if you really have the virus. I would just keep trying to kick the alcohol and drugs, find out what if you, in fact do have the virus and then, if you do, you will be able to make a decision on tx etc.

Good luck with this - READ the great posts in this forum...it is a wealth of information from many compassionate and understanding people.
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I can think of two possible other explanations for your dark circles:

1) Do either of your parents have dark circles? These are often hereditary and are the result of thinning and fragile skin under the eyes as we age. As the skin thins, the blood under your skin is more apparent and creates a bluish tinge on the skin.

2) Do you have seasonal allergies? Many people who do have what's known as allergic shiners, which are dark circles under the eyes. I know several people with allergies who get very dramatically black under the eyes during their particular allergy season.

I really don't know if either HCV or HCV treatment causes black circles, although my under eyes became hollow-looking during treatment.
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It can be caused by hep. c. I get them real bad at times. There is a concealer by Bobbi Brown that you can find on e bay....it works wonder...a bit pricey but one small container lasted me a yr and it doesnt cake up....buy the one without the setting power.......hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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