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Darkened Fingernail

I never really noticed this until today...has anyone experience darken nail beds and no cuticles circles at the bottom of nail s before, during or after the use of Tx?
If so, I hope someone can explain it. It might sound like a dumb question but I've never noticed this until now.
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Thanks all... I have an appointment with my GI on Thursday which I will also get results on my 12 weeks... Woohoo. I will discuss it with her and hopefully she can lead me into the right direction. I will update on what she has to say that I need to do if anything.
No fungus just nails are dark and rough like ripples on the nail not smooth like a nail should be just hope it not another something to go with everything else ;-)
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Weird !   I was just noticing the same thing on my nail beds.   Really dark half moon circles.    Hands are pasty white too !   However no fungus and my nails are growing like hotcakes !    Figure that one out ???     On week 13, just finished Inc.  
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My are brittle and cracking. One tonenail has nasty fungus and split to the bed n bleeding. I have to wear little slip ons n soft boots, it's so painful. Dr said it's jus part of treatment. Let us know what the Dr says.
Missing my heels.. Karen :)
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Agreeing with Advocate1955, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. There's a condition called 'Terry's Nails' that is sometimes associated with advanced liver disease:


It doesn't really sound as though this is what you're describing, but you should let them know regardless.

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My husband has had dark, almost purple color to his nails, primarily down by the bed of the nail.  One doctor said it might be a side effect to one of his blood pressure meds.  Another doctor thought it might be due to his hepatitis.  Last year, when he was on his second therapy for Hep C, his hepatologist referred him to a dermatologist, who thought he might have cryoglobulinemia, which is a blood disorder that many people with hepatitis have.  It was ruled out.  I would suggest asking your doctor about it, since nail color can be an indicator of health problems.
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