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Day 1

My GE has prescribed 4 weeks of regular peg/RIBA treatment for for weeks before adding boceprovir. He had a different patient on the victrelis and her side effects(mouth sores, trouble swallowing and some anal problem) caused him to stop treatment. I did so much homework over the last 2 years. I know victrelis is prescribed alot more than boceprovir but is supposed to have less rash etc. I shall be illuminated...
Did my first shot of peg yesterday, I felt like Burning Woman with her head in a vice grip.
I made it to today and I'm still headachy but think I'll live.
This is what I'm doing...
On an empty stomach a pro biotic shot with an omenaprazole, a shot of floradix iron & herbs and a glass of water.
At 8 am I take my RIBA with a small bowl of Irish oatmeal which I put flax seed oil, coconut butter(both from the health food store. Thus the fat. I haven't had any nausea really at all. Just the freakin! Headache from he'll.
Midday a small odwalla superfood smoothy. Advil.
Yesterday I didn't eat lunch. Last night I took the second dose of RIBA with half an avocado with olive oil. Really soothing and getting that fat it. I know I'm just beginning and there is a hard road ahead but my new meditation, (now you are going to think I'm really weird, but if you've had a baby you'll relate) I imagine my liver as a baby. My baby. And I've promised it to do anything in my power to save it.
Maybe it is the mm I live in California where it's legal. Lol. I can't believe I have a sense of humor after yesterday.
One day, one hour, one minute at a time. A long blog to ask for headache help???
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I realized my mistake after posting. The woman who had to stop treatment was on incevik I was prescribed victrelis. And showed my dr the bottle of floradix mainly iron and b vitamins not a high dose and he said was fine. I just hope for the best and me doing everything I can will help me feel proactive.
Right now I'm feeling the little burning pinpricks of a rash coming on. But the headache is better. I'm sure it is a merry go round of managing several symptoms off and on for the duration.
Going to church and yoga tomorrow no matter what.
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Yes watch the herbs.  My doctor said no supplements.  I am fine with that.  I started yesterday too and will do Victrelis.  Just a nagging minor headache today and I didn't feel like eating lunch either. I want a nap but am not going to buy into that already.   You should look at the label ing for Victrelis and see if there is anything you are taking on the list of things that conflict with Victrelis.  It is a long list.  My doctor said tylenol, not advil.

Have you treated before?  
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To clarify, Boceprevir and Victrelis are the same thing.  Telaprevir and Incivek are the same.  Not familiar with floradox iron but unless prescribed by a doctor, it is advised not to take an iron supplement while on treatment.  Certain herbs can interfere with the efficacy of Victrelis and Incivek, particularly St. Johns Wart.

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